Staying On The Path PT.3

Fertile soil reaping a Harvest For The World like Isley’s;  before a pimped out Mr. Biggs

Broken Beats and Broken English is the by-product  from following breakbeat scientific principles; you dig? / you dig?

Stigmatized / Victimized but Recognized when a scapegoat is needed per John Fox and the Denver Broncos;  studied the math and science…

Getting Mechanical with it; blue collar in a dark blue uniform with my name stitched on the front;  might draw up a blueprint or graphic design….

Some get fanatical with it like Boko Haram in Nigeria; check the mass hysteria Out Here In The Mainstream / What’s On Their Mind?

What it do? I See Some Waiting In The Dark Trying To Live Without Light / insight? it’s easy to go blind!!

What it do? Providing insight; the wisdom is unconventional; Geneva Convention?  naw!! we didn’t go!!

Shining the light like a security guard making rounds with the flashlight;  What They Don’t Know? please!!! jokers found trouble based on what they didn’t know!!

We Didn’t flow down the mainstream;  like the  South River in Dekalb County was waters are stagnant / full of pollution…

Situations were like Kevin Garnett vs Dwight Howard but officials didn’t call fouls that were flagrant;  soon some are made out of fools by the institution…

Check out this man’s solution;  Staying on the Path is the plan / bringing the Sonic Assault…

So Whatcha Gonna Do? How will you respond to the hell that’s caught?