HIP HOP 90s underground rap classics # 17

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, check us out this is the kind of vibe exhibited!!

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on; damn!! y’all know I would say that, not being redundant but it’s like that…

…and that’s the way it us, check the Run DMC Throwback Thursday reference, we’re on that cousin!!

Just trying to keep our heads above water like the rest of my constituents, waiting on that coronavirus pandemic stimulus payment  staying a step ahead of arraignment or bearing witness to how the pain can get; so what’s up cousin?

Waiting on the government? why bother? please!! those jokers owe me but that’s another story back to this music..

We’re listening to this HIP HOP 90s underground rap classics # 17courtesy of Lou Dav; check the playlist and the mix to see how we’ll behave on this Throwback Thursday; I Heard What Was Said!! it’s like damn!! they’re back on that hip hop from the 90’s!! but that was classic music

Check this out at HIP HOP 90s underground rap classics # 17


HIP-HOP UNDERGROUND 90’s rap rare and classics

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this HumpDay Extravaganza segment..

As we proceed and continue!! getting over the hump is how we’ll play; can you dig it?

Feeding my peeps from this  menu, where beats bump and this good word is dropped..

O-Zone creeps through Atlanta, out on I-20 as usual; it’s the gateway / runway to the universe; return engagements? knowledge acquired after alien consultations? found out what they meant when they cosmic slopped..

In this zone? O-Dizzle hip hopped, listening to HIP-HOP UNDERGROUND 90’s rap rare and classics 

..it’s courtesy of Lou Dav, check the playlist and the mix revealing how this Louisville dude will behave; the demeanor is rare, classic

Dyce – Ghettofunknikular

Ghetto Children – Hip Hop Was?

Paul Ray – More Emotion

The Concept Of AL.P.S. – Pitstop

Hardway – Rhythm In Deep Evolution

Cipher – Peeps

Daze – The Place

Supreme The Rude Boy Ft. Shalamar De Vinci – Stimulated

The Abstract Pack – For The Record

BigShawnDon – Hold’n It Down

Hitman – Real Niggas

Darc Jaf – Radio Active