Hank Ballard – “Blackenized”

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a  Throwback Thursday; a dude’s motto?  Let The Music Play!!

What it do?  excuse me as I go back to the future!! retro- futuristic with it!! blessed to be here,  we’ve got time to run another play..

Let the music play? oh yes!! damn!! I  thought I told ya; that’s the motto / catch phrase we use during the ongoing crisis..

Let the music play!! sometimes a lotto winning feeling is supplied by the sound!! that’s how nice it is..

Priceless!! that’s what this soul brother type music I’m listening to is; Hank Ballard with   “Blackenized”

Oh yes!! soul brother #1  James Brown collaborater!! the James Brown band is playing in the background!! oh yes!! it’s funky, check it out!! don’t act surprised!