Hamilton Bohannon – Me and the Gang (K and F Edit)

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we set this first Saturday Night Fever episode off for 2021…

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on / toil and strife goes on; trying not to take 2020 type episodes into 2021..

The saga / struggle continues, we’re on one!! we’re still in holiday modes, on January 4th it’ll be back to business as usual..

Check these menus to see how we’ll play; street codes are part of these breakbeat scientific principles for those wondering what it do!!

Celebrating life like Kool and The Gang listening to Hamilton Bohannon with a track called  Me and the Gang (K&F Edit)

Elaborating in a cool, beatnik type of way; some are understanding the knack they’ll holla back; they can dig it!!

Check this out at Hamilton Bohannon – Me and the Gang (K and F Edit)

Hamilton Bohannon – Make Your Body Move

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; we’re setting this thing off during a different time slot..

Usually, O-Dog Day Partying!! the ATL?  we’re  in the heart of this thing!! from Candler Road in Decatur on the East Side to MLK on the West Side? this brotha?  you’ll spot..

The scheme or plot is confronted like AOC vs Amazon!! this dude knows what’s going on /  how these jokers will ride..

This team will not be deterred; O-Zone and O-Dizzle concurred; the funk will be dropped!! like OJ Simpson in the Ford Bronco 25 years ago this is how we’ll slide!!

This is how we’ll ride!! we’re dropping this good word like OJ Simpson on Twitter plus we’re playing this like Hamilton Bohannon; we’ll Make Your Body Move!!

This is how we’ll ride!! catching up on our pimping? somebody will understand how we’re playing this!! we’re in the groove…

Check this out at https://t.co/1XHs9FBLWo