Don’t Worry About It (Worried About The Wrong Thing? ) Part Six

Check us out as we come through on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way; I told some don’t worry about it, of course we’re claiming the terrific outcome!

Especially since this is what I call an Adversity Anniversary, word from an Adversity University graduate still taking advanced courses / classes! of course this thing is messy but it’s a blessing to be here so we’re celebrating! O-Dog Day Partying we’ll pull out the drum!

Now once again it’s on but we know this is not Mamby Pamby Land even though we’re posting this on All Saints Day the day after Halloween; damn! now that dude even broke out of the morgue on some unfinished business; damn! are these haunted dreams?

Resurrection? apparently that was the plan, some of his cohorts even mentioned a stolen election and were ready to start an insurrection; were they worried about the wrong thing? they had elaborate plots and schemes!

They were thinking about a master plan, stealing the line from Eric B and Rakim on Paid In Full; did they possess an infinite reservoir to avoid the fated hour?

They said don’t worry about it we’ve got this as the graveyard hourglass was shattered, it kept the score.

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HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful Fix | Oct 30, 22

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this Music Monday edition, in conjunction with Halloween!

The science dropped is appropriate for any time frame rebuking the apparatus and it’s mind game! my kind know that it’s all game but we’re ready to roll / on our way after observing the scene!

Swerving, seen out on the back roads out off of I-20 in Atlanta headed towards the remote outpost!

Swerving, ahead of Georgia Brian Kemp collaborators obstructing justice, Stacy Abrams and Rev. Raphael Warnock need to handle their business period / the most!

We’re putting it down from coast to coast / city to city / state to state / local / national / international and intergalactic!

We’re putting it down not trying to brag or boast / front or flex as we drop these mathematics…

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Taking The Next Step (Hitting The Reset Button) PT. 9

 Check us out as we take the next step on this Monday morning! we’re ready to roll / we’re on our way! 

We’re hitting the reset button, might even go back to default settings but history? we’re not repeating!  focused on the now; it’s a blessing to see this day!

So how will we play this life? is it full of blissful dreams or is it tortured reality?

Choose your poison was the knowledge dropped by the old dude from East St. Louis so don’t act brand new with this / don’t play the sport casually.

We’re taking the next step/ hitting the reset button during this Scorpio Season but per 12th House activity we had to clean up that dirty laundry, metaphorically.

We’re taking the next step / hitting the reset button but like Halloween a punishment glutton won’t hesitate to howl at the moon until the break of day!

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Don’t Worry About It (Worried About The Wrong Thing? ) Part Four

They were talking a good game like a politician sounding like Chuck Schumer worried about Georgia during these ongoing Mid-Term Elections, but then they told us don’t worry about it!

They even told us we’re worried about the wrong thing, but as I was peeping game it’s like a dark room and somebody turned the lights on now roaches are scurrying about!

Coaches were going all out they had a plan! can they motivate Tom Brady?  their players aka constituents waited in the dark, with shadows in the mist.

Something encroached on them / something extra / something shady / some kind of ill vibes; what? per Halloween, is that graveyard dust?

Somebody said don’t worry about it but who can we trust? not that guide with the haunted eyes..

..with luminescence; the daughter of chaos was on the premises! surrender to love she said but then she taunted us with lies!

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We Still Have A Different Vision (Part Nine)

 Coming through, reflecting on this Flashback Friday realizing some things never change; we still have a different vision!

Acting like we knew, it’s a blessing to be here on this Fabulous Friday; change will still come per Sam Cooke, the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville said just keep living.. govern ourselves accordingly when change does occur; it’s a Friday morning as I type this but night terrors? expected per the infinite darkness..

..from those waiting in it with their different vision / different version of reality; who’s fair with us? per the Flashback Friday reference Brotha O already mentioned the whole game is shady, a lot of skeletons in closets, bodies buried and other secrets!

Blame it on more than Halloween or even it’s playlist, even though it’s the season for this and that folly.

The vibe? observed the scene it’s all game! due to post pandemic economics with inflation and other factors it’s not jolly more like melancholy.

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We Still Have A Different Vision (Part Five)

 Check us out as we try to get over the hump, that’s typical / business as usual per this HumpDay Extravaganza! 

Of course we’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

Of course we’re utilizing a different vision, we’re breakbeat scientific with it! due to attacks from naysayers I sometimes have my doubts! save me from myself, that visceral internal torture!

I have a different vision but back in the day hanging with creepy creatures up in Louisville in the hood like everyday was Halloween but soon the sport goes..

..sideways; like Russian excursions into Ukraine? meanwhile I’m just trying to maintain but will a dude have to change my ways? is it guilt by association?

Plays were called by spiritual guides mentioning portal slides, they said raise up / go, blast off into the universe! I was told by one who has an omen!

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Ready To Roll / We’re On Our Way!! (Part Four)

On this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way we’re ready to roll / we’re on our way!

It’s all about terrific outcomes as we work on that manifestation leading to the celebration as digital crate digging continues / we let the music play!

Of course let us pray was the advice given by the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville so we govern ourselves accordingly; of course? out of order is how some will be, that noise? this time it was heard by everyone.

Arcane monsters were now loud and boisterous like Tommy Tuberville and other GOP operatives like John Kennedy down in Louisiana; now some will come undone!

Confirming to me and everyone the real deal that I wasn’t seeing and hearing things / that those weren’t hallucinations I was having.

We’re burning rubber out here on I-20 in Atlanta protecting the culture we’re ready to roll we’re on our way, but per Halloween season the Hall Of Mirrors will show some of us unraveling!

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Trying Not To Come Undone (Part Five)

We’re all up in the spot; damn! here we go again! it’s another Monday morning!

Not complaining, not hot about it! it’s a blessing to be here but still dealing with the “buking and scorning”

I keep telling y’all circumstances are debatable; being built or torn is the ongoing question!

At this construction site? it might be a little of both, for nourishment  as we drink the elixir or broth; we’re trying not to come undone!

But once again it’s on! the madness goes down! even dude got caught out there! damn! we dipped after we placed his remains under a cypress.

Caught out here in this spiritual warfare, O-Zone mentioned the game is over: appropriate, he’s buried in his Halloween costume / disguise.

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Grover Washington Jr – Tell Me About It Now

Sunday Jazz Continues check us out as we do what we do! we’re dropping this sound on the people!

It’s going down as a Sunday afternoon transitions into Sunday evening; Halloween is celebrated by some of the people!

Church steeple knowledge was dropped earlier, the people needed it! so now we’ll proceed and continue with this!

The mothership gets good mileage so we’ve got other work to do, check the sound and this good word; we’ll rock the venue with this!

Heard some of my constituents say Tell Me About It Now, the title of this Grover Washington Jr. track!

That’s what we’re doing with this breakbeat science, rebuking shady politicians in Washington acting brand new with ya, trying to throw us all off track! check out the players and the track!

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Trying Not To Come Undone (Part Four)

We’re chilling out as Saturday morning transitions into Saturday afternoon, trying to recharge like it’s my iPhone plugged in!

Shady dealing out here as they “holla at me”: “buking and scorning”  it’s the mud we’re drug in..

…or drug through, jokers say scientists are trying to drug you per microchips planted in the Covid 19 vaccine! 

What’s up with you? that’s what they ask me, I told them I was wise to the whole setup like Kyle Rittenhouse getting free up in Kenosha / Racine..

..Wisconsin; check out how we’re responding, we’re trying not to come undone!

Check out how we’re responding, O-Zone has this good word while O-Dog brought the drum!

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