Taking The Wrapper Off

I started another one;  maybe it’ll be hot like the Rim Fire in California…this is brand new…I’m taking the wrapper off!

I started another one;  no new rims or tires on the hooptie when we were rolling down I-80 / 580 /880 out in Oakland California…please!!  the system will brand you like Chuck Connors ….but your supposed to laugh it off!

…..Brand you like Dez Wells!!  the system was telling tall tales!!  no honors but honest when I get this math off my chest!

The mothership will land you in a forsaken place!! these earthlings hope a bruh fails!!  social / mechanical engineers stay busy!!  rocking the hardhat and the lime green safety vest!

Were we being built or torn down?  circumstances are debatable..no rest for the weary!

The bubble or balloon was inflatable..but soon the air was let out;  like with housing and tech stocks;  now some are tripping like Timothy Leary!

I mean whats really going on?  per my blog..plus that question was asked by the Trouble Man ….Marvin Gaye!

Danger zone residents like in Syria navigate the smoke and fog;  the stress will double!!  so how are we supposed to play?

O-Zone asked them;  what was he was supposed to say?  now he’s taking the wrapper off!

…..like jokers over in Decatur ready to smoke a cognac flavored Swisher;  they’re taking the wrapper off!

Its over for a hater!!  were using this math to get off…plus the Sonic Blackjack will swing…

Were taking the wrapper off…going off…as we do the damn thing….


The Reign Began With A Drizzle / The Inclement Weather

Damn!! weather forecasters were slipping!! The Reign Began With A Drizzle!

Damn!!  whatever was the word from the street committee..now some feel the pain as plans, hopes , and dreams fizzle!

That’s word from Alex Rodriguez after dealing with Biogenesis..the fire was fully involved per fireman’s lingo;  but the reign dampened it!

Now things are up in smoke!!  problems solved?  please!!  that’s a joke!!   the reign began with a drizzle…a  new type of Genesis? now some are ready to go postal ….they’ll put a stamp on it!

The West Coast?  I lamped on it ….out in San Francisco / Oakland..getting my mind right during the the ongoing reign of terror!

No rest for the weary during the smoke and mirrors; the  grey area  / bay area scenario!

Horrors and terrors blend with my philosophies as I try to maintain!

Tomorrows?  who knows !! sometimes we hinder our own progress during the ongoing reign!

…Plus verdicts are rendered per Sanford Florida…confirming business as usual!

Check out how we work this!!  the reign began with a drizzle;  whats the dizzle? damn!!  I told you!!  its business as usual!

Not trying to act brand new with you during this inclement weather..this is my own form of weather forecasting…

….as we put it down like this….dropping this good word….plus dropping the brand new funk..podcasting….