Artists United Against Apartheid – Let Me See Your I.D.

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can play out either way..

We claim the terrific part, moving forward playing our part!! dropping this good word, plus we’ll let the music play..

Dropping mathematics, playing our part dropping this good word!! no technical difficulties like the Iowa caucuses..

Dropping fanatics with these sonic assaults; dropping this sound!! naysayers try to stop this like  back in the day Bloomberg’s  NYPD  stop and frisk!!

Dropping fanatics with these sonic assaults!!  naysayers try to stop this!! Artists United Against Apartheid mentioned  Let Me See Your I.D., in reference to conditions in South Africa back in the day..

Posted a jazz track from these cats earlier, now hip hop artists are represented; check the players / artists and the track to see what the deal will be!! February? the month for Black History!!

Producer: Little Steven

Producer: Arthur Baker

Associated Performer, Trumpet: Miles Davis

Associated Performer, D J: D.J. Cheese

Associated Performer, Keyboards: Richard Scher

Associated Performer, Bass Guitar: Doug Wimbish

Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Annie Brody Dutka

Associated Performer, Vocals: Big Youth

Associated Performer, Vocals: Duke Bootee

Associated Performer, Vocals: Fat Boys

Associated Performer, Vocals: Gil Scott-Heron

Associated Performer, Vocals: Grandmaster Melle Mel

Associated Performer, Vocals: Jimmy Cliff

Associated Performer, Vocals: Kurtis Blow

Associated Performer, Vocals: Les Malopoets

Associated Performer, Vocals: Peter Garrett

Associated Performer, Vocals: Peter Wolf

Associated Performer, Vocals: Ray Barretto

Associated Performer, Vocals: Scorpio

Associated Performer, Vocals: Sonny Okosun

Associated Performer, Vocals: Tina B

Composer Lyricist: Artists United Against Apartheid



Grandmaster Melle Mel – Vice (From “Miami Vice”)

Digital Crate Digging Continues, this is from the Throwback Thursday spectrum…

The saga / struggle continues; O-Dizzle?  he goes back as far as jamming is concerned; what did you expect from him?

The saga / struggle continues; that’s the dizzle!! no need for me to step off like James Mattis, I’m running this!!

The saga / struggle continues; that’s the dizzle!! your dude is back with this good word plus I brought brought the drum with this!!

African or Indian war drum? once again it’s on!! listening to  Grandmaster Melle Mel with Vice (From “Miami Vice”)

From Atlanta to NYC and on down I-95 to Miami!!  per Throwback Thursday I was down that way earlier this year; newsflash!! I had to run and tell you that it “ain’t nothing nice”