Funky Mix 2020 – Dj XS Funky Vibes Hottest Hip Hop, House & Disco Mix February 2020

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! we’re also in the midst of the O-Dog Day Party..

We’re partying with a purpose, we saw how the shady we’re trying to work this like Trump and Barr with the so called Department of Justice; why did they start with me?

It’s not Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday but I reflect on past episodes up in Louisville at the so called Hall of Justice,  Mitch McConnell and his crew in Jefferson County tried to bust us, years later the same scenario?

Bloomberg stop and frisk tactics?  tsk tsk rsk as we drop these mathematics letting my people “know how it go”

From Louisville / Newburg to here in Atlanta; from Oakland to Lagos and Johannesburg we drop this good word and the sound..

What’s the deal? we’re O-Dog Day Partying with this Funky Mix 2020 – Dj XS Funky Vibes Hottest Hip Hop, House & Disco Mix February 2020; this is a special edition I usually post this at The Sonic Assault: check out the playlist and the mix to see how we get down!!

1. Greg Nice – Set It Off (Second Hand Audio Remix)

2. Timewarp Inc. – Liberty is Our Destiny

3. Innereyfull feat Kurnel MC – Music Is Alive

4. Synthia – Dissolve

5. Dice NZ – I Wanna Know

6. Q T – Breathe & Stop (Soulboss Soulbounce Remix)

7. Flamingo Pier – Tripping Up

8. Sunset City – Feels So Right

9. JMMSTR – You Took

10. Sunner Soul – Do It for My Brother

11. Funk Edwards – I Need Somebody

12. Wurzeholz – Ze Roberto

13. Hotmood – Ayaaa

14. Chew Fu, Bootsy Collins feat Rev Al Sharpton – JB’s the Man

15. GLBDOM – Unfuckwithable

16. Mark Brickman – Again & Again

17. Monsieur Van Pratt – Clavs and Trumpet

18. HP Vince – Groove This Way

19. The Funk District – Stuck on the Line

20. HP Vince – Do What You Do

21. Massey – Two 2 Tango

22. Funk Edwards – Walking Down the Street (Dj XS Original Remix)

23. Get Down Edits – Coming At Ya

24. Redsoul – God Is Gonna

25. Alex Soltirov – Heat in Me

26. Funk Edwards – Deeper Love

27. Michael Gray – Brother Brother

28. Dead Horse Beats – Never Too Late

29. Batunga & The Subprimes – Gates of Ouantou

30. Respons – Hate Me


Funky Mix 2018 – DJ XS Funk Mix May Selection – 100% funky soul, rap, latin, afro & house vibes!

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we moving forward after Full Moon in Scorpio  and May Day vibrations..

The saga /struggle continues as I like to say, maybe you noticed it in previous situations…

A brotha will play  funk,  soul, rap, latin, afro and house music on these occasions!! this is how it’s going down!!

Plus it’s the HumpDay Extravaganza, let the music play is the motto, it’s like hitting a spiritual lotto the way it’s going down!!

We’re listening to this Funky Mix 2018 – DJ XS Funk Mix May Selection – 100% funky soul, rap, latin, afro and house vibes!

Provided by  Funky Vibes UK, worldwide when the music plays!! check the playlist and the mix! doing this for my tribes!!

Funky Mix 2018 – DJ XS May Selection Tracklist

1. Sam Gouthro – Lately…

2. Massimo Vanoni – Let Me Get Up 4:32…

3. KRS One – Hip Hop vs Rap (Second Hand Audio Remix) 8:33…

4. JKriv – Nada De Sol…

5. Gil Jorge – FilhosDoMahatma (V4YS Adoxe Edit) 15:56…

6. MonoNeon – There Are Two Truths, It Depends On Where You Stand 20:34…

7. Ruck P – Destination 22:35…

8. Dragon Fli Empire – Right on Time 25:16…

9. The Microphone Misfitz – What Happened 28:17 https://themicrophonemisfitz.bandcamp…

10. Different Things – Extra Dry 30:25…

11. Get Down Edits – Love to Dub You Baby 33:43…

12. SlothBoogie – Real Juicy 38:00…

13. Dragon Fli Empire – Hold Down 42:15…

14 JKriv – Nao Escuta…

15. Renegades of Jazz – Moyo Wangu (Bosq Remix) https://renegadesofjazz-agogo.bandcam…

16. Bertrand Burgalat Yuksek – Icare (Yuksek Remix)…

16. Art of Tones – Reprise De Fonk…

17. Kraak & Smaak feat Luxury – Keep it Together…

18. Chevals – Giving My Love…

19. First Love – Don’t Say Goodnight (FunkyDeps Edit)…

20. Barry & Gibbs – Dancing to a Love Song…

21. COEO – Mydonna (Alternate Cut)…

22. Billy Paul – Only the Strong Survive (Cratebug Edit)…

23. Frank Agrario – Fela Rock…

24. JKriv – Babaluae (JKriv Rework)…

25. Freddy Fresh – Smooth Daddy (AGFA)…

26. Andy Buchan – Spectral…

27. Da Lukas – Into the Tube…

28. Kornum & Karma – Move Me…

29. Cord Labuhn – Durch…


Source: THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Funky Mix 2018 – DJ XS Funk Mix May Selection – 100% funky soul, rap, latin, afro & house vibes!

Lounge Music Mix 2017 – Dj XS Saturday Night Funk & Soul Lounge Beats Warm Up @ Oblix, The Shard

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I like to call Terrible / Terrific Tuesday…

From this perspective? it’s been up and down!! terrible? terrific? both!! that’s what I can say..

The hooptie? I wrecked it, that’s ok because I’m ok!! on to the next will be the prescription…

Truth be told? dark clouds have silver linings so I recognize the pattern / peep game for the blessing…

Truth be told? I’m chilling listening to  Lounge Music Mix 2017 – Dj XS Saturday Night Funk & Soul Lounge Beats Warm Up @ Oblix, The Shard

Check out the playlist and the mix!! the kid was doing it real big!! now I’m lounging issued a warning; negativity? from the premises it’s barred!

1. Corinne Bailey Rae – Put Your Records On (Nehzuil Remix)

2. Cheshire – Mack’s Return (Bootleg Remix)

3. Mary J. Blige – All Night Long (XS Edit)

4. Chantay Savage ft Common – I Will Survive (XS Edit)

5. Minnie Riperton – Check Minnie’s Love (Naughty NMX & Runex Kid Brexit Mix)

6. Naughty NMX & Jim Sharp – Too Much Hustle

7. Jean Carne – My love don’t come easy ( REAL tight edit )

8. Herbie Hancock – Stars in Your Eyes (XS Edit)

9. Ami Stewart – Friends (Blackroom XS Construction)

10. Get Down Edits – Sweet Stuff

11. Chaka Khan – Eye to Eye (XS Edit)

12. Dee Dee Sharp Gamble – Easy Money

13. Merge – Volcanic Voodoo

14. George Duke – Dukey Stick

15. Reuben Bell – Make Love

16. Slapbak – This Car is Fast (XS Edit)

17. Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra – Rock Your Body

Defected In The House Radio Glitterbox Takeover with Simon Dunmore 11.11.16 Guest Mix Get Down Edits

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Friday; what’s the catch phrase / cliche? it’s the weekend baby!!

Can you dig it? how will we play? let the music play, it’s time to put all your worries away!! it’s the weekend baby!!

Can you digt it? forget about Election Day, other matters come into play!! it’s business as usual, it doesn’t matter who’s in the White House!!

Can you dig it? let the music play!! it’s business as usual as O-Dizzle will bring jazz, funk, hip hop and house!!

Can you dig it? we’re all up in the house with Defected In The House Radio Glitterbox Takeover with Simon Dunmore 11.11.16 Guest Mix Get Down Edits

Check out the playlist and the mix as we put it down like this!! as we rock it  some will know the score,  as we put it down like this!!

01. Soft House Company – What You Need [Irma] + Cevin Fisher – The Way We Used To (Accapella) [Defected]
02. Johnny Corporate – Sunday Shoutin’ (B Boys Shouting Dub) [Defected]
03. George Morel – Don’t Give Up (Love Will Come Around) (The Club Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
04. Eli Escobar – Back 2 Luv (Feat. Steven Klavier) [BBE]
05. Sebastien Tellier – Kilometer (A-Trak Remix) [Record Makers]
06. Purple Disco Machine & Boris Dlugosch – Set It Out (Plaster Hands Version) [Defected]
07. Klub Family – When I Fall In Love (Feat. Sybil) (Knee Deep Disco Club Mix) [Defected]
08. Ashford & Simpson – Found A Cure (A Tom Moulton Mix) [Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson]
09. LaTrece – I Want To Thank You (MK 12” Mix) [Defected]
10. Johnny D & Nicky P – Reach 4 The Sky (Henry St. Mix) [4th Floor Records]
11. RIP Productions – She’s Got [4th Floor Records]
12. Jon Cutler – It’s Yours (Feat. E-Man) (Original Distant Music Mix) [Defected]
13. Soft Rocks – Talking Jungle (Justin Vandervolgen Remix) [ESP Institute ] + Kings Of Tomorrow – So Alive (Accapella) [Defected]
14. ATFC – I Called U (The Conversation) (ATFC’s Heated Conversation) [Defected] + Shawn Christopher – You Can Make It (Accapella) [Soulfuric]
15. Soul Clap – Shine (This Is It) (Feat. Nona Hendryx) [Crew Love]