Minding and Tending ( Part Ten)

Minding and Tending on this Throwback / Thankful Thursday! Much is accomplished when naysayers leave me alone!

Throwing this art into the void is a challenge as we chill in attack zones

Had to admit,  null and void contracts exploited a certain weakness that had me out there making reckless choices

Winning or losing streaks with this? No encouragement from feckless voices

Minding and tending but reckless noises were heard down here  in Georgia from  Crooked Kemp and Crooked Kelly Loeffler plus David Perdue

Minding and tending in the midst of the madness Georgia along with Pennsylvania are ground zero for the direction of democracy; we’ve got work to do!

Check this out at  Minding and Tending ( Part Ten)

John Beltran: Starlight Memories (Offworld Remix) 2003 *KIRK DEGIORGIO*

Digital Crate Digging Continues check us out we’re deep into this Saturday Night Fever set..

Chilling out in the lab on a cool Saturday Night in Atlanta somebody will understand a brotha and this vibe they’re hip to this type of set..

They’ll understand a brotha Wise To The Whole Set Up  down here in Atlanta Georgia, ground zero for determining the direction of democracy

They’ll understand a brotha rebuking the wise and otherwise with these breakbeat scientific weapons; this good word and good music are part of the weaponry…

Get with me as we reflect on Starlight Memories like this track by John Beltran..

This is called the Offworld Remix by Kirk Degiorgio featuring vocals by Elsa Hedberg you heard? This is what’s up man!

Check this out at John Beltran: Starlight Memories (Offworld Remix) 2003 *KIRK DEGIORGIO*