FULL VINYL | 90s 00s Hiphop and R&B | Ashiko@Canopy

Digital Crate Digging Continues as a cold Saturday morning shifts into a cool / cold afternoon here in Atlanta!

The saga  / struggle continues as life goes on as the toil and strife goes on; we’re in the midst of the polar vortex, broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

The saga / struggle continues the sport is complex but the Georgia Bulldogs were able to solve the riddle, today having parades / celebrations up in Athens Georgia up off of Georgia Highway 316!

The saga  / struggle continues the sport is complex; we’re in conflict with this world but it doesn’t prevent us from coming with the next we keep dipping…

…down I-20 in Atlanta, listening to the FULL VINYL | 90s 00s Hiphop and R&B | Ashiko@Canopy courtesy of The Moment!

Check out the playlist and the mix, Morning Jazzing earlier but check out the shift in the atmosphere as we set this O-Dog Day Party off taking it there!! enjoy the moment!!

ūüéß Tracklist

00:00 | intro

00:14 | Here We Go / Minnie Riperton [1980]

03:06 | Hip 2 Da Game / Lord Finesse [1996]

05:38 | Y? (Rae & Christian Remix) / The Pharcyde [1995]

07:57 | If I Ruled the World (Imagine That) / Nas [1996]

09:00 | Peanut Versus Cappe / Peanut Butter Wolf [2002]

10:42 | Happy / Nao [2001]

13:01 | Big Poppa / The Notorious B.I.G. [1994]

15:07 | In a Magazine / 911 featuring Teddy Riley & Queen Pen [1997]

18:13 | No Diggity (Billie Jean Remix) / Blackstreet [1996]

21:59 | You Gets No Love / Faith Evans feat. P. Diddy & Loon [2001]

24:27 | Dead Presidents II / JAY-Z [1996]

25:58 | Flava in Ya Ear (Club Mix) / Craig Mack [1994]

28:03 | Rock And Comeen (Flava In Ya Ear Mix) / Lady Apache [1995]

29:59 | Ten Commandments / Lil’ Mo Featuring Lil’ Kim [2003]

32:13 | React / Erick Sermon [2002]

34:35 | Boom / Royce Da 5’9″ [2001]

37:21 | This Is How We Do It / Montell Jordan [1995]

39:35 | I Know You Got Soul / Eric B. & Rakim [1987]

41:52 | Dance for Me / Queen Latifah [1989]

44:34 | My Forbidden Lover / Chic [1979]

47:05 | We Can Fall In Love / Kimiko Kasai [1976]

50:23 | Please come back (ŽĻõÍ≥ľ žÜĆÍłą ) / Light & Salt (ŽŹĆžēĄžôÄ ž§ė) [1990]

53:25 | Driza bone / Catch The Fire [1991]


We’ve Got A Lot Of Work To Do (Part Three)

The saga / struggle continues per this HumpDay Extravaganza, we’ve got a lot of work to do! catch us trying to get over the hump!

The saga / struggle continues from here in Atlanta where Georgia Bulldogs football fans are still celebrating  to where you are, we fight back with this good word and beats that bump!

The saga / struggle continues, refusing to be caught out there! soon another victim of a decaying addiction? 

Like its a music production but its just corruption the apparatus wants to see the strings of my heart played like a guitar and that beat is kicking!

Damn! we’ve got a lot of work to do! even though I peeped game I’m always “minding and tending” so I don’t take hints so I missed the signals. 

Damn! we’ve got a lot of work to do! no rent is paid in my mind for issues that are egregious.¬†

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Oh!! So Its Like That Huh? (Part Ten)

Oh! so it’s like that huh? on this Thankful Thursday it’s a blessing to be here but check the state of emergency as storms roamed the sky, like Larry Munson told the Georgia Bulldogs they told us to hunker down.

The question; per HAARP renderings is it man made? Oh! O-Dog? a veteran in the game who played in previous Throwback Thursday episodes  can see how the game is played, even out in space junk is found

Oh! so it’s like that huh? check out the ongoing charade, we already mentioned inclement weather as cruel winter winds blow.

Polar vortex? apparently, the sport? complex, made more complicated per man’s attack on the environment; the tragic betrayal!

 We move on to the next even though they kept talking about this ongoing climate change!

Per Christmas Carols heard during this holiday season is Jack Frost nipping at your nose? its not strange!

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Changing The Game (Part Two )

 As we proceed and continue; we’re changing the game up; spirits were too familiar! True indeed!!!  what can I tell ya?  its easy to get victimized by gamblers out for a fast buck; bad cards they’ll deal ya! 

True indeed!! some are almost  broke physically / mentally / spiritually; who‚Äôs stuck waiting in the dark? the system didn’t really feel ya, they already used you up! 

True indeed!! interlopers dipped in a fast truck after you pressed your luck; now egos get bruised up! 

We cruised all up in local / national / international and intergalactic frontiers; check us out as the mothership blasted off from our runway out here off of I-20 in Atlanta with robins and cardinals chirping through the smoke.

Abused while on this earth by irrational earthlings I see how they work things, the galaxy beckoning me away? it’s serious, it’s no joke!

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Deep House Mix | Rhythm Republic Club Sessions Vol. 6

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon as we set this O-Dog Day Party off. 

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on, once again it’s on!!¬†

The struggle is real, that’s what the¬† Brotha O-Zone will tell you as he drops knowledge on the people like¬†Mr. Cole did up in Louisville / Newburg.

The struggle is real! from dealing with Omicron to approaching West Coast Tsunamis and Midwest winter storms and other issues that emerge!

The struggle is real, here in Georgia it’s on! even though there’s a¬†Georgia Bulldog¬†National Championship Celebration we’re peeping game per¬†the voter suppression.

We know the deal, even though the celebration is tying up local media we’re conducting old school Saturday afternoon business watching Big East basketball;¬†Seton Hall vs Marquette, that’s how we’re living…

….plus we’re listening to this good music per the Deep House Mix |¬†Rhythm Republic¬†Club Sessions Vol. 6.

Check out the playlist and the mix, you can O-Dog Day Party to this as we continue to get breakbeat scientific!!

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Herbie Hancock – Everybody’s Broke

Digital Crate Digging Continues check these menus as we come through with this HumpDay Extravaganza!

Check us out as we broadcast live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta…

…out here where somebody finally won something per the Georgia Bulldogs winning the national championship…

…following the footsteps of the Atlanta Braves winning the World Series; maybe the Hawks and the Falcons will get serious can you dig it?

In the meantime and between time, being serious from here in Atlanta to your land let me tell you it’s rough out here, and that’s no joke!

Check out the players and this track from Herbie Hancock accompanied by the Brothers Johnson and others telling us Everybody’s Broke!

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Johnny M РUnderground Routes | DEM Radio Podcast 

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

I mentioned check the perspective, as I try to stay positive expecting the terrific outcome now check the celebration as we let the music play!

I mentioned life is hectic, reality is respected knowing damn well this is not Mamby Pamby Land per the Geico Sarge!

Check it, we’re broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta home of the Georgia Bulldogs, national champions large and in charge!

We’re taking charge, coming with the Johnny M РUnderground Routes | DEM Radio Podcast.

Check out the playlist and the mix as we O-Dog Day Party to this as the sounds blast!


01. Subnode – End To Begin (Original Mix) 00:00

02. Cream (PL) РSun In Casablanca (Andrés Moris Remix) 06:08

03. Arnold T, Alain Pauwels – Nexus 8 (Weird Sounding Dude Remix) 12:48

04. Orange JD – Signal Wow (Original Mix) 19:12

05. Dublew – Nordic Sky (EMPHI Remix) 26:40

06. Nicolas Giordano, L Georges – We Are (GastoM Remix) 31:44

07. Juanma Sanchez, Maezbi – Ek Balam (Original Mix) 38:40

08. Pakolive – On My Mind (Kamilo Sanclemente Remix) 45:04

09. Sinan Arsan – Eloquence (Original Mix) 51:44

10. Alan Schultz – Resolution (Original Mix) 59:12

Check The Perspective: Life Is Hectic (Part Four)

Out there in treacherous waters, life is hectic!  not Still Waters mentioned by the Four Tops or even Junior Walker and The All Stars; where‚Äôs the duct tape? 

The boat is leaking now we‚Äôre floating  in a sea of indifference, iniquity mentioned by the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville! what‚Äôs the deal? we‚Äôre being battered on a life raft trying to escape.

In need of duct tape, super glue or celestial magic; check the perspective, some said we need the right math!

A corrupt state? Georgia Bulldogs are national champions but Biden and Harris are down here about the voting situation; some said boycott, we aren‚Äôt on the right path! 

A corrupt shape we‚Äôre in? O-Dog had a beat and O-Zone is quoting this good word, that corrupt shape we’re rebutting / disputing; check the perspective, is enlightenment found?

Blessed and Highly Favored per the Clark Sisters or per the vanity license tag the old sister had on the the Cadillac at the Shell Station on Candler Road in Decatur where I was found!

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October Surprises (Part Eight)

As we proceed and continue, we’re out here trying to be easy like this Sunday morning, previously¬†mentioned by the Commodores..

Checked the menus on this Sunday morning, previously ministers rocked the venues before Covid 19 even though some churches are open, even holding services in the parking lot like Antioch A. M. E. in Conyers, the minister mentioned agape love is the answer; check the  scores 

Oh yes!! we checked the scores for October surprises, the Atlanta Braves face game seven with the LA Dodgers plus the Alabama Crimson Tide beat the Georgia Bulldogs..

Actually? those aren’t October surprises that’s business as usual but check out how we do;¬†we’re putting it down like this!!¬†the good word is O-Zone’s and the beats are O-Dog’s..

Actually? those aren’t October surprises when these alter egos are left to their own devices, no altered Negroes like Vernon Jones¬†crowd surfing at a Trump rally..

Actually? those aren’t October surprises as some of the people roll with the enemy of the people, they’ll sell out like¬†Daniel Cameron up in Kentucky..

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