The Adventure

O-Zone?  I’m on an Exodus; fnding out how complex the sport is!! you might spot me passing through!

Discovery Zone explored; studying dark matter / galaxy cluster collisions!! so what’s up with us? the universe?  we’re blasting through…

*Out There; Outside The Box* avoiding a buster on a mission;  it was like I was outside the International Space Station taking a spacewalk..

Radio tuned into KISS 104.1 in Atlanta; they were playing the Jacksons; Michael in black face did the moonwalk..

…Before he started looking like Elizabeth Taylor; but that’s another story..

We’re in the heart of it; what? the hostile territory!! chronicles from the adventure? O-Zone  will tell the story..

We’re in the heart of it; God will need to be the pilot, like Germanwings Flight 9525 co-pilots will show malice..

Who started it? it’s not odd that adventures are taken, that’s how we’re working things!! but like the building collapse in New York somebody will blow up the palace..

We’re dearly departed but we haven’t  given up the ghost, we’re blue collar / putting work in, putting down this breakbeat scientific venture…

We heard what was said as some brag and boast, they thought they were immune like Aaron Hernandez up in New England, but caught out there after their latest adventure…

Told to act like I knew; George Zimmerman types try to say they’re an instrument of God…

The Mothership is  passing through!!  we’re not through dealing, we’re on an intergalactic adventure, but earthlings will think it’s odd!!

Get It Together PT.6

Caught Up; Caught Out There in inclement weather like its the Northeast; it’s cold!!  plus it’s rough out here per no civil rights charges against George Zimmerman!!

These brothas try to keep it righteous; some said whatever!! we’re still considered prime suspects!!  so how are you living?

The drum kit will make haters run it; when we pull out the Sonic Blackjack they’ll mess around and get jacked..

What’s up with it? like  Bill O’Reilly or even Rudy Giuliani haters run it; what?  their mouth!!  meanwhile we’re on to this;   *Blue Collar Work Is Put In*  Mechanical Engineering style!!  these brothas never slacked..

….Knowing the cards are stacked; please!!  *Gamblers Are Out For A Fast Buck*

That’s why I stay praying; That’s The Way I Make It; old girl said  *you can’t trust to luck*

Can’t trust the fast truck;  Dodge Ram.? Ford F-150?  they’ll  get recalled!! they’ll break down…

I Guess A Black Man Can’t Have No Peace” the brotha O-Zone will Break It Down…

“I Guess A Black Man Can’t Have No Peace* per Obama after  Keystone XL Pipeline bills get vetoed!! Republicans are like how dare that Negro!! soon authorities break down the door; you’ll get bumrushed…

But they can’t stop the Next Chapter as we Get It Together;  O-Dog has the Funk Seminar while O-Zone cold crushed…

Took our time  / never rushed;  as we Get It Together / Get Our House In Order…

Method To The Madness? We’ve Got It; using Industrial Strength to put it back in order..

Reality Divorces

A restraining order was issued;  it was due to irreconcilable differences.

Maintaining is the order of the day as we try to reconcile these debatable circumstances.

Being built or torn down?  damn it!! please!! it might be a little of both.

Still feeling the scorn from society;  reality divorces were an option but I keep rocking!!  O-Zone is cut from a different cloth.

I was drinking a different broth;  might have been a Red Bull energy drink or Italian Blend Coffee from the Quik Trip.

From the one on Wesley Chapel in Decatur;  not up in Ferguson dealing with a hater per Darren Wilson trying to trip.

..Or like his cousin George Zimmerman terrorizing  Florida without repercussions;  how’s it working son ?

Gangsters out for a fast buck are flim-flamming them and those with irrelevant discussions; the Pope said watch your mouth like Pops said;  you heard son?

O-Dizzle is using this good word and percussions; I’m trying to slip or slide through the portal; but some say it’s a reality divorce.

Is that the dizzle? naw man!!  this is no elaborate fantasy even though Mars Is In Pisces raising its voice.

The reign began with a drizzle; but the void is filled after a bruh chilled;  now dealing with this crisis out here in the grey area.

No reality divorces!!  this is the real deal Holyfield!!  were in the midst of the mass hysteria.