Natural Progression (Part Ten)

We’re out here dealing with this March Madness that’s more than a  NCAA basketball tournament 

Insurgents threaten the Capitol per a March 4th conspiracy theory while more capital for the people per the Covid Relief Bill is discussed at the Capitol, so how will they work it? 

Check the natural progression, We’re Working It All Out! Motivated! trying to nourish the fervent fever!

..of success but some stress; pimping like Andrew Cuomo? Per George Michael I heard careless or even fleeing whispers

..from a non-believer that’ll play it like the GOP still supporting Trump they’ll compromise with the dramatic.

.. ..failure that’s domineering; now they’re out here loathing / fearing; no mathematics?

Check this out at Natural Progression (Part Ten)

George Michael – Careless Whisper (Ruud’s Extended Edit)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Throwback Thursday; how will this work be?

The saga / struggle continues!! not acting thirsty for something that’s unworthy!!

Work will be put in digging deep in the crates!! emphasized during this time period..

Work will be put in digging deep in the crates!! prizes excavated from another time period..

What’s the deal with it? we’re listening to George Michael with Careless Whisper (Ruud’s Extended Edit)

We had a house music version earlier!! we had work to do, not being careless!! check us out to see how we deal with it..