Still Collecting Scattered Thoughts (Part Three)

 Per this HumpDay Extravaganza? catch us still trying to get over the hump like College Basketball March Madness Sweet Sixteen participants putting it down before the shot clock expires!

Per Andrae’ Crouch featuring Marvin Winans let the church say amen and then amen again as we come through dropping this good word!  I feel like I’m singing with these choirs!

Or maybe preaching to these choirs, as I collect these scattered thoughts and then take these mystic voyages; it was no way for us to know we would land on havoc’s shores!

Earlier? we were lost at sea scattered out in troubled waters, but like the old catch phrase we jumped from the frying pan into the fire check the scores!

Some of us bamboozled and hoodwinked like MAGA Republicans or contributors to  Trump fundraising due to his legal issues?  enchanted by cerulean whispers, careless like Wham! featuring George Michael ones?

Scattered thoughts are collected, remembered that the Four Tops said Still Waters Run Deep, oceanic!  I kept telling some life is hectic  / frantic, but keep fighting on!

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The Mid-Week Session Vol… 21 (Part One)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this O-Dog Day Party!

Excuse us for getting off to an early start but it’s going down like this after a naysayer tried to start with me…

…and you so what it do? we’re setting it off with this weaponized sound used to fight the so called powers that be…

…mentioned by Public Enemy so who’ll work with me? we’ve got a lot of work to do even on this Fabulous Friday!

Flashback Friday energy is also exhibited my constituents can dig it as we get retro futuristic dropping The Mid-Week Session Vol… 21 (Part One) courtesy of DJ Steve Adams!!

Check out the playlist and the mix, naysayers can’t say we aren’t jamming!!


1. Casey Jones – Soul Searching

2. Indeep – Last Night a D.J. Saved My Life (Smeddles More Ass Mix)

3. Jamie Jones – My Paradise (Vintage Culture Extended Remix)

4. B Beat Girls – For The Same Man (Nic Fanciulli Extended Remix)

5. Antonio Pica – Party In My House

6. Friend Within – Monkey Bars

7. Darius Syrossian & George Smeddles – Back In The Dance

8. George Michael – Careless Whisper (Vanucci Edit)

9. Filizola ft Roberta Howett – The Moon

10. Key City – Burnin’

11. Manu Fuentes – Lovers

12. Joshwa – Miracles

13. George Smeddles – Festival Track

14. Nicolau Marinho – That Thong

15. Juliet Sikora – Let’s Funk

16. Alaia & Gallo – My Thing

17. Friend Within – Bring It Down

18. Barrientos, Josh Butler, Illyus – Mic Rock

19. Tomi&Kesh – Dance To My Beat

20. Jay de Lys – Like Nobody

21. Lexa Hill – See Ya

22. DJ Dove – Clap My Hands

Ready To Roll ; We’re On Our Way!! (Part One)

Your dude is laying in the cut on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way; right now I’m just observing the scene!

Whats the attitude? it’s rough out here! jokers like Trump can commit multiple offenses and still walk the streets and talk junk at rallies while some are locked up for lessor offenses out here! not just in the ATL where OutKast said everybody is fresh and clean! 

Whats the attitude?  I’ve seen, heard, and been through too much for my own damn good!

Whats the attitude? please!! all around me the vibe was corporate but I was too damn hood!

Which is a good thing, so now we’re ready to roll, we’re on our way! jokers were like greetings!  welcome to the void!That’s what I was told per being ready to roll / when we slid through the portal feeling the void..

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