Coldcut – Atomic Moog (The Qemists Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per #TerribleTerrificTuesday, so what’s the perspective?

Analog? digital? menus from Hell’s Kitchen consist of Hazardous Material: the masses were disrespected…

Coldcut mentioned the Atomic Moog remixed by The Qemists, pundits and experts were considered shrewd but they just used Bing or Google…

It’s cold: the corrupt were soon confronted by  the Atomic Dog per George Clinton:  disputes were like Trump vs Clinton, so why did they start it? now they see what the truth will do…

Funkadelic – Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You (Vega’s Trumpet Dub)

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! We’re out there at the intersection where P Funk meets House Music. We’re checking out Funkadelic with  Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You (Vega’s Trumpet Dub).

George Clinton vs Louie Vega? who would have thought it / thunk it / funked it? Anyway,  check out the track!!

The Mission Statement: Once Again It’s On!!

So what’s really going on?  I’m trying to use a fresh view / fresh vision as I see this hot mess play out in front of me.

*Random Thoughts From A Brotha*  are expressed after those supposedly funky fresh in the flesh stressed;  the *New Style Gangsters*  tried to front on me.

Meanwhile some play me like Hillary Clinton per her e-mails!! they say they’re done with me, because I didn’t go with the flow.

This mission statement? it’s dropped by a veteran in the game; funk is like George Clinton’s plus this scientific scripture is dropped; at the end of the day? I had to go for what I know.

So whats the real deal? like Cheryl Lynn it’s got to be real!!  that’s the main focus of this mission statement!!  the status quo?  some hate it while others might have it made and don’t know it.

Some fronted on me like it was Tom Brady vs Roger Goodell,  said I had a golden opportunity but actually wanted me to fail;  I act like I know it.

This mission statement is used to tell the story, as the madness plays out in front of me; please!! you’ll get jacked like the Texas referee!!  beauty?  I wasn’t beholding,  it was ugly.

This mission statement is used to tell the story; I’m intergalactic but I’m trying to dodge the space junk / trash that’s *Out There*   that’s where a brotha will be.

This mission statement? from space we bring the funk, plus due to cashing reality checks I’m able to bring these clearance rack epiphanies..

Just in time for back to school sales; one who will act a fool fails to entertain me,  I refuse to be distracted by those and these…

The NSA will track a fool out here trying to swerve!! they just provide entertainment for the Capitol, now Hunger Games Peacekeepers swoop in..

Class is in session; after the Labor Day Holiday? it’s back to school, as we do what we do!! hunger and thirst is exhibited in this game!! we’re on a mission!!

Clearance Rack Epiphanies: Another Back To School Sale 2015

What’s really going on? seasons change / reasons change,  especially here at the end of the summer

Back to school time!! meanwhile  authorities track a fool doing the crime,  but O-Dizzle is back on mine!!  work is put in by this funky drummer.

Hard times stack up on a fool!! like Jared Fogle plans fizzled!!  some got what was coming to them.

I blow the horn or bugle!! these clearance rack epiphanies are just in time for the back to school sales or what’s left of them.

Some blow their horn or bugle like Donald Trump  or Hillary Clinton on the bully pulpit or stump!! seasons / reasons have politicians to the right and left of him, but O-Zone ignores the rhetoric.

Horns blow, the bass plays and funk is dropped per George Clinton on the pulpit!! but I see how others work it!! even treasons occur at the mall, as  clerks abandoned their post;  duties?  they were derelict.

Horns blow, alarms ring; per Bill Clinton and NAFTA? in a perfect world they wouldn’t be working at the mall with the college degree.

Out here in the mainstream of mathematics? they’re out here stocking merchandise on the clearance rack just like me.

You heard me?  but this merchandise is of a different variety,  check these scriptures and mixtures.

It’s going down!! sometimes? *ain’t nothing nice* about  this work we put it in, even though this artist will paint pictures.

Clearance rack epiphanies are here, just in time for the end of the summer, or back to school…

Somebody might feel these; word from this funky drummer!! I wasn’t trying to act a fool!!