Winds Of Change Were Blowing

The winds of change are blowing as I write this…its around the same time as the New Moon in Aries!

Cameo mentioned Shes Strange and they liked it!!  but in love or war whose fair with these?

Its not just these Babylonians…the Philistines and Pharisses plot and some are waiting for answers!

Was George Zimmerman near? ….feeling the negative energy on these scenes…whats was heard or seen? spotted the devil waiting on dancers!

Whose benevolent?  next thing you know..were caught out in it… soon finding what the deal will be from Cancers, Aries, or even Virgos!

Whats the deal?  some are knocked off balance during the Age of Aquarius ….bearing witness to what vertigo is!

Avoiding nefarious ones as we work this;  knowing how it go;  the answer my friend is blowing in the wind!

….Word from Bob Dylan …various ways and means for dealing with the madness is how I win!

As we drop this art on the masses like Thomas Kinkade..the funk will be played..O-Dizzle will hook up a funky blend while I drop this good word!

The reign began with a drizzle; now were all caught in the inclement weather!! caught up in the system /matrix you heard?

Whats the dizzle? at the end of the day?…my peeps find out that there’s no where to run or hide….

Whats the dizzle? check out how we play.. full court pressing….Wordpressing!! .local…international…intergalactic..for freedom we will ride…


Peeping game; doing the knowledge…some of these folk are so predictable! 

That could be or good or bad thing…like Charles Manson a dangerous man? check the knowledge I kick to you! 

…Soon facing charges like George Zimmerman…whats up man? meanwhile we were out there …dipping…it might sound sick to you; but the mothership gets good mileage! 

Rolling out beyond Pluto, Mars and Saturn; now back down to earth…knowing how foul it’ll get! 

The Dramatics said what you see is what you get; but I don’t like what I’m looking at! 

Next level dramatics occur…like Bobby Petrino…whose caught out there? chefs were in hells kitchen with the recipe for disaster; all up in the spot is where they’re cooking at….check out the rest at  THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: They Were So Predictable.