George Benson & Joe Farrell / Flute Song

Sunday Jazz Continues….checking out the Flute Song from   George Benson & Joe Farrell 

This is from their joint project Benson and  Farrell…released in’s nice and smooth!

Check out the all star players and the track…


Freddie Hubbard / Povo

Digital Crate Digging Continues…well..its an anything goes night for this music….checking out some classic jazz / funk from  Freddie Hubbard  with a track called  Povo. This is from his Sky Dive album released in 1972. 

Check out the players and the track. He has an all star lineup with him…


Jack McDuff – Magnetic Feel

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out some classic jazz / funk from Jack McDuff with a track called Magnetic Feel…the title track off of his 1975 album.

Check out the all star players with him and this funky track….


Dr. Lonnie Smith – Afro-Desia

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out keyboardist  Dr. Lonnie Smith’s classic jazz / funk cut called Afro-Desia..from his album of the same name….this cut is on fire!!!  the players on this track?

Dr. Lonnie Smith (organ) …George Benson (guitar) …Joe Lovano (saxophone)

Greg Hopkins (trumpet) …Bob Crenshaw (bass) ..Ben Riley (drums) …check it out!!

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Lonnie Smith – Afro-Desia.

I Told Them….I’ll See You When I See You

Little home had the old cliche for me; he said peace out!! I see you when I see you! 

Please!! I was busy going all out;  like Steve Arrington said nobody can be you but you!

Please!! the elder said nothing’s fair in love or war….word to baby boomers ready to retire….meanwhile I was busy letting it do what it do;  the process is natural! 

…Like osmosis some interfered with the natural process; like Arizona or Colorado they’ll start a fire… jokers think they have the God Particle…they thought they could fool mother nature! 

The celebrity or sorcerers apprentice had lethal doses; they were either Trumped or stumped…they couldn’t holla back atcha! 

The server was acting up…it had to be bumped…plus the source code was interfered with; it couldn’t be fixed by an Inspector with Gadgets! check out the rest of this article at …..

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: I Told Them….I’ll See You When I See You.