Hugh Masekela – A Person Is A Sometime Thing

Sunday Jazz Continues check these menus as this meal is served; since it’s a late Sunday morning we might can call this brunch!

Shining the light like the sunshine coming from the east into my window this morning; hopefully it’s reaching some who’re waiting in the dark following a hunch!

Bringing this insight aka unconventional wisdom in this ongoing unconventional warfare of a spiritual nature!

Trying to get it right, Geneva Convention rules followed, clocking the proceedings with a Geneva watch on, once again it’s on! but Michael Jackson mentioned Human Nature!

Trying to get it right, check the spiritual nature! even with this soulful jazz track Hugh Masekela mentioned A Person Is A Sometime Thing!

Check out the players and the track! check us out as we come through with this Afro – Cuban Jazz / Soul Jazz meal, maybe it’s something you can feel as we do the damn thing!

Reading the liner notes, from The Boy’s Doin It Album, where this song came from:

This album is dedicated to Fela Ransome-Kuti whose birthday was October 15th!

Plus they mentioned it was Recorded in Lagos, Nigeria, so check the vibe!!

Natural Progression (Part Five)

 Another Monday morning has pulled up on us; we’re blessed it’s a bonus part of a natural progression.

Letting the music play and dropping the good word? that’s the focus of this session. 

In the midst of Pisces season! but the ongoing crisis isn’t easing per the half a million deaths from Covid 19.

The GOP nice with the treason? still playing their positions with plans for blocking the Stimulus package for Covid 19. 

It’s not a natural progression, but maybe it is for them as they do what they do. 

Check the session as we govern ourselves accordingly per the old school Baptist preacher, we act like we knew!

Check this out at Natural Progression (Part Five)

Staying On The Path PT.3

Fertile soil reaping a Harvest For The World like Isley’s;  before a pimped out Mr. Biggs

Broken Beats and Broken English is the by-product  from following breakbeat scientific principles; you dig? / you dig?

Stigmatized / Victimized but Recognized when a scapegoat is needed per John Fox and the Denver Broncos;  studied the math and science…

Getting Mechanical with it; blue collar in a dark blue uniform with my name stitched on the front;  might draw up a blueprint or graphic design….

Some get fanatical with it like Boko Haram in Nigeria; check the mass hysteria Out Here In The Mainstream / What’s On Their Mind?

What it do? I See Some Waiting In The Dark Trying To Live Without Light / insight? it’s easy to go blind!!

What it do? Providing insight; the wisdom is unconventional; Geneva Convention?  naw!! we didn’t go!!

Shining the light like a security guard making rounds with the flashlight;  What They Don’t Know? please!!! jokers found trouble based on what they didn’t know!!

We Didn’t flow down the mainstream;  like the  South River in Dekalb County was waters are stagnant / full of pollution…

Situations were like Kevin Garnett vs Dwight Howard but officials didn’t call fouls that were flagrant;  soon some are made out of fools by the institution…

Check out this man’s solution;  Staying on the Path is the plan / bringing the Sonic Assault…

So Whatcha Gonna Do? How will you respond to the hell that’s caught?