Tall Black Guy – The Motor Is Running

Sunday Jazz Continues on this Groundhog Day / Super Bowl Sunday

Checking menus / peeping game per General Beauregard Lee and Punxsatawney Phil,  so what’s the deal? halfway watching the game, too busy letting the music play..

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on; y’all know the deal! y’all knew I what say that during these proceedings!!

Rocking these venues from Louisville to Atlanta; from Detroit the Motor City on down to Miami where the Super Bowl is; maybe somebody’s got to be feeling these things!

Feeling some kind of way as we let the music play!! listening to Tall Black Guy with a track called The Motor Is Running; a tribute to Motown?

Feeling some kind of way as we let the music play? we didn’t fall back, tried and tried again / we kept on running;  knew we would eventually  throw down..



Miles Davis – Backyard Ritual

Sunday Jazz Continues!! excuse us for the mini- sabbatical we were out in those Atlanta streets..

Sixty degree weather in February? no wonder jokers are acting contrary; on this day of reflection? analyzing their victories and defeats?

Punxsatawney Phil didn’t see his shadow, an early spring? General Beauregard Lee  said expect six more weeks of winter…

Groundhog Day science on 02 /02 /2020 check the ritual as free radicals are introduced on Super Bowl Sunday; meanwhile son told me about a nuclear winter..

The sound? O-Dog will play!! he’s a habitual smooth sonic criminal, getting free / staying free radical with it!! listening to Miles Davis with Backyard Ritual

The sound? O-Dog will play!! we’re back with it!! check out the players and the track to see what it do!!

Check this out at Miles Davis – Backyard Ritual