All Is Well? Please!! Life Is Hectic!! (WordPress Edition)

Don’t be acting like all is well!! per Ferguson and NYC chokeholds represented lovely by Berkeley you should see the reign of terror is still ongoing.

I was fortunate enough to dip to safe havens and safe harbors;  the healing process is ongoing.

Per Cam Newton wrecking out I know how the sport can get; chilling out!! spiritual strength is growing!!  especially after observing the scene.

Not acting brand new son!! but I’m Ready to roll and I’m going the length in the upcoming episodes;  soon hitting up the scene.

The scene was full of commerce!!  it seems cash was flowing but people are still suffering.

APEC Summits and G20 meetings in Brisbane took place;  but people are still suffering.

O-Dog’s drum kit provided the rebuttal; he’s not an armchair quarterback in the huddle!!  its nothing for him to hook up a track.

Not acting brand new in the ongoing spiritual warfare!! all is not well!! that’s why were  swinging a Sonic Blackjack.

Not acting brand new son!! even though O-Zone will fall back and hit the reset button.

Not acting brand new son!! word from a veteran in the game that’s on to something.

Knowing something; life is hectic!! but some of these jokers will skin and grin!! they’ll tell you all is well!!

Knowing something; toil and strife show us we’re disrespected; they want us all to fail!!