The Best Grooves In a Funky and Soul Way

 Digital Crate Digging Continues check us out as we rock these venues on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way! 

Your dude is coming with a positive perspective so the terrific outcome is expected now check the celebration as we we let the music play!

Of course let us pray is also the strategy! Sunday? the preacher said get your house in order so excuse us as we come through with Jazz, funk or house music not necessarily in that order!

The Brotha O-Dizzle aka O-Dog will even set it off at the podcast or even Sound Cloud with tracks from the old school four track recorder! 

What’s the dizzle? trying to put everything back in order as the saga / struggle continues! I let the homie from Nassau in the Bahamas know but he said the madness hasn’t stopped!

Even wannabe players were blocking and handcuffing meanwhile we weaponized the sound confronting those bluffing! we jazzed it up, housed them and those and we even hip hopped!

But we’re still Afternoon Jazzing, coming through with The Best Grooves In a Funky and Soul Way from IRMA records Official!

Check out the playlist and the mix, get your groove on with this as we put it down like this!! we’ve always been official!!

Tracking List:

1 The Smoke Orchestra – God Make Me Funky

2 Kaigo – Ain’t Gonna 00:04:08

3 Anduze – Stone Cold Lover 00:07:35

4 Vito Lalinga (Vi MOde Inc Project) – Operator 00:11:38

5 LTJ Xperience – I’m Gonna Funk (feat. AdniL) 00:16:03

6 Fusion Funk Foundation & Lo Greco Bros – Celebrations (Instrumental Funk) 00:22:29 7

Jestofunk – Nel Nome Del Suono 00:27:30

8 Funky Destination – Mr Bong 00:34:04

9 Funk Revenge . Space Funk 00:37:43

10 David Florio . Let Yourself Fall 00:41:24

11 Black & Brown – To Funky In Here 00:45:53

12 Bossa Nostra – Kontaminazione II 00:51:24

13 Flow Bop & Lo Greco Bros – Funky Street 00:56:16

14 The Last Minister – Right On 01:00:43

15 The Soul Trend Orchestra & Papik – Speed Date 01:06:28


Best Trip Hop Chilled Electronica – 2 Hours of Abstract Funk Downtempo Acid Beats (HQ)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a #ThrowbackThirstyThursday, hunger and thirst provided the fuel..

Digital? analog? smoke and mirrors / fog shenanigans made us feel unworthy, but I wasn’t acting a fool…

Chilling out/ relaxing: listening to the Best Trip Hop Chilled Electronica – 2 Hours of Abstract Funk Downtempo Acid Beats (HQ) courtesy of irmachannel1.

Chilling out / relaxing: moves from Baton Rouge per Alton Sterling to Minnesota per Philando Castile make it hard to chill, the masses are on one..

Chilling out / relaxing: I’m not the one!! I’m trying not to be caught up in the system / matrix…

Chilling out / relaxing: once again it’s on!! check out the playlist and the mix….
1. Rubber and Glue [Luss Remix] – Suz 00:00
2. All Remains the Same [Kalumet Remix] – Agostino Maria Ticino 04:41
3. The Stranger – Youvoid 11:57
4. Deeoboys – Maddalena 16:41
5. I’ll Never Change Up on You – Ltj Xperience 20:33
6. Which Is Harder – DJ Muf 27:20
7. White 2005 – Funk Revenge 34:34
8. The Ghost Feeling – Lux Departure 39:58
9. I Wish I Was Black – K’Un Experience 43:58
10. Fear [Katzuma Remix] – Suz 48:56
11. Oracle – Sophie Lillienne 52:26
12. Silence [From P60 Remix] – Dn3, Cesare Dell’Anna, Guido Nemola 56:28
13. Flying Over the Ocean [Alternative Version] – Heathens 01:01:51
14. Lo-Fi Ghost Apparition – Dust 01:06:10
15. Sweet as He Could Be – Tonisterical 01:11:45
16. Chic Phunk – Montefroid 01:15:31
17. Sleazy Life – Funk Revenge 01:19:57
18. Pragmatic Children [Perdurabo Remix] – Adam Carpet 01:25:33
19. Call It What You Want I Call It Funk – Les Jeux Sont Funk 01:30:29
20. Rich & Famous – Mephia 01:34:11
21. Talking City – Dust 01:38:51
22. The Way You Do – Montefroid 01:44:36
23. Mix My Life – K’Un Experience 01:48:52
24. Headache – Diego Damiani 01:53:15
25. Pure Rapture – Suz 01:56:45