They Couldn’t Stand The Pungent Odor

Old girl started spraying the can of Lysol;  it was the old school / original fragrance.

She said she couldn’t stand the pungent odor!!  meanwhile these jokers try to get over!! like police in the St. Louis area killing the unarmed teen?  they’ll fake this.

Check out how I break this off!!  like the Aquarius Super Full Moon it’s part of the scientific process.

O-Dog is the funky type of soul brother!!  he’s dedicated to the truth and not nefarious like a Oscar Pistorius type of  fool!! soon  he will go off with this.

Some go off!! pistols were shot into the air as ear shattering gunshots exploded!! my dogs were heard saying they’re off this and that!!  reality is altered.

What’s that smell in the air?  this good word  is dropped in response to the madness;  I’m ready to roll after observing the scene but it left my perception altered.

The deception was evident per ebola vaccines;  a fake one was trying to run a game.

The reception was benevolent as I dipped through Macon on the way to the Seaboard;  as I took a break from the game.

It smelled like cabbage and bacon all up in the spot amd  then old girl added Lysol.

It was the original fragrance as jokers fake this;  I’m hip to that style though.

Some are fake with this!!  like Kevin Ward you’ll get run over by Tony Stewart types!! they’re foul though!!  soon a hostile takeover of the Gaza Strip?  Hamas will flip..

Who can stand the pungent odor? O-Dizzle is trying to get over!! rebuking the hostile takeover  per instructions from aliens telling me how the funk should go!! now we put it down like this!!



A Wind Advisory Was Issued..But That Could Be A Good Thing

Winds of change are blowing….like no justice no peace?. …check the catch phrase / cliché.

Actually?  it’s not strange…weather forecasters issued a wind advisory for Atlanta  yesterday!

Actually?  it’s not strange…that could be a good thing..some fresh air would help..the atmosphere is toxic

Reality checks are cashed out here in the danger zone!! like Kim Jong-Un flexing..soon  karma catches up with those that swagged , fronted , and flaunted!

Check me out…now..earlier they weren’t checking for this brotha;  I mentioned that  before.. that could be a good thing!

Winds of change are blowing..good!! they can miss me with all that chaos and that’ll be a good thing!

It’s not the end of the day they’ll see this is a hood thing..I’m back on default settings.

Louisville / Newburg is the mode …per Russia rolling up on the Ukraine it’s not my fault history is repeating!

The staff or cartel meeting was held in a secret location…now we’ll feel the pain.. soon we’re bearing witness to the agenda!

This math we dropped is a hood / street’s real authentic;  it’s hard for some to deal with this!!  word to a pretender..

Check the path we take…diplomatic immunity is exercised..packages were returned to sender..were they found by French satellite out in the Indian Ocean per Malaysia Flight 370?

Check the wrath from the fake…the debris field is littered with weapons they formed to work against us..winds of change blew them away…they didn’t listen to the wind advisory…word from Ginger Zee…now so called powers that be walk around the details is where the devil will be…

All Hands On Deck..Due To The Hot Mess / Hazardous Material

They said its a state of emergency!! it was  like Russia rolling up on the Ukraine!!  now its AHOD!

AKA All hands on deck is the catch phrase!!  I even felt the pressure!!  its hard to be at ease!

Whats up?  please!! I’m back in the lab working on material some consider hazardous..its  after chilling out outback on the deck…and that’s after I-20 escapades!

I’m not through dealing out here!! check the sonic smash and grab..a brotha is out here swinging the Sonic Blackjack;  battling the information overload!! checked the’s  nothing but charades!

I’m not through dealing!!  check the transformation..but  still in street and discrete modes..check the facades..its going down like this!

I’m not through dealing!!  others were sick!!  they didn’t back away from the buffet on these cruise ships!

Now some are losing it!! others sick with it / slick with it like Chris Chrsitie and Nathan Shady Deal..

Now some are choosing it!!..the assignment!! ..they received orders..all hands on deck!! ..but I was hip to the shady deal…

Now some are abusing it..the power granted to them…check the hot a brotha like me will have to clean it up…

Now some are abusing it…the power granted to them..the masses? they’ll stress!! some were in denial..mesmerized by the Sun In Pisces..some were in La La Land or even Mamby Pamby Land .they’ll dream it up…

My time for observing the scene was up…now I’m ready to roll.. I’m on my way…

What we have is spiritual…but  naysayers say its hazardous material when the O-Dog funk plays…


The Grand Scheme Of Things / Part Of A Bigger Plan

Using a fresh view and fresh vision…that’s the way I’m trying to look at things…

Seeing what it do..acting like I knew…it’s all part of a bigger plan…the grand scheme of things..

What’s up man? I’m trying to be a bigger man..ignoring all the riff raff..some are flipping out;  I understand some will scheme up on things…like the GOP with their so called clean debt ceiling plan..

I’m only  5/8 but I have the heart of a bigger man..avoiding frick and frack..apparatus representatives..fronting or swagging like Iran and their Nuclear Program..

Some still show hate…whatcha know man? I told them it was all part of a bigger plan…I was looking at the picture..

Some still show hate…whatcha know man? I might flip like Samuel L Jackson going off on Sam Rubin..all black guys look alike?  get it we do this..O-Dizzle has hook lines and his own beats while I bring this scripture…

Check out the Part Of A Bigger Plan Mix  by O-Dog

Sunday Jazz / The Smoke and Mirrors Mix PT.3

Sunday Jazz Continues…hooking up one of my mixes …The Smoke and Mirrors Mix PT.3

A lot of crazy things are going on in the world today. It seems some events are staged or manipulated…heightening sensitivity to conspiracy theories / smoke and mirrors.

The so called powers that be / media  / politicans / corporations will tell you there’s nothing to worry about!! But the fog / smoke and mirrors is getting worse. That’s what this mix is about..check it out!!

The Smoke and Mirrors Mix PT.3.

Clearance Rack Epiphanies / Class Is In Session

Whats the deal with these?  we’re not like retailers supplying information to authorities...check the spending habits…for some its the back to school period;  class is in session!

Check these clearance rack epiphanies…were real with these!! its balanced out with the sonic aggression!

…we let the Lord run his business…no interference with divine intervention;  diplomatic immunity is invoked!

Whats the deal with this?  as we deal with the Deliberate Falsehood;  whose acting false in the hood or community?  the hero choked!

….In the midst of so many falsehoods I carry a sword of truth...while ghetto passes were revoked for some!

Down for the cause!!  its gotta be good!!!  now English and beats are broken; O-Dizzle had to bring out the drum!

Whats the dizzle?  some will get whats coming to them!!! especially when these epiphanies are put on the clearance rack!

Whats the dizzle?  thought and fashion police peep game like the NSA per Edward Snowden ..any clearance for that?

Whats the dizzle? please!!  the reign began with a drizzle…mentioned in previous episodes…

Whats the dizzle? please!! were dropping this like the Perseid Meteor Shower… its off tune off beat singing in the shower..check the modes…

…..of transportation…or transformation…as we move forward like Israel with 1,200 new settlement homes….whats up Holmes? we rolling  with a fresh view fresh vision…

Clearance rack epiphanies are dropped..check the deep discount…around this back to school  period…but class is already in session…

Doing As The Romans Do

Dropping this breakbeat science…sending smoke signals like the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican;   Pope Francis was selected…understand this? were doing as the Romans do!

But its no joke;  the deal is not pristine….or fresh and clean like Outkast ….please!!  were played like like outcasts!!  its the Babylon Wilderness were roaming through!

Like Saturday I-20 excursions in Atlanta were taken…time traveling…spotted dude on Joseph P Lowery Blvd. …rocking  an Afro with a pick with the clenched black fist  sticking out of it!!! …but I’m not out of it..after roaming through the universe;  now the mothership has landed on earth!

But APD dipped down Donald L Hollowell Parkway aka Bankhead Highway on a call…whats up y’all?   otherwise..were doing the damn thing!!  carrying the sword of truth..going all out!!  for what its worth!

Damn!! it’s ain’t hard to tell per Nas…plus its not hard to fail… this thing is manipulated by the alphabet squad!!  untruths and deliberate falsehoods by ABC, NBC, or CBS?

Or maybe CNN …..endorsed by the FBI or CIA;  how did they play?  whose acting false in the hood? knowing how they do this?

Please!!  the Deliberate Falsehood is business as usual!!  but jokers will neither confirm nor deny!

Please!! we still deal with the hate!! jokers were meeting at the CPAC  per Rand Paul and Marco Rubio;  I just heard another damn lie!

Please!!  were still real with that…being ourselves;  not always doing what the Romans do!

Check the steady bombardment of the enemy position; Fourth of July explosions like Roman candles do!

Who started it?  saying no man can handle you!!  now caught up in the system / matrix!

Please!!  check these clones out!! not all are doing as the Romans do.. others  fake it!

The Expedition


Whats really going on? The saga / uphill struggle / journey continues…I’m on an expedition!

….not up in the Ford,  not even the Explorer..even though I am one;  a bruh is on a mission!

Not on one accord with these earthlings!!   from French Troops in Mali to drama in Algeria…plus its going down here in the interior…damn!! the ragged / ratched 90’s model  Ford Explorer was holding up traffic on Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain!1995-1998 Ford Explorer photographed in USA. C...

The rims or wheels were worth more than the did they work things?  foul like killing elephants and rhinos for ivory in Kenya…it wasn’t natural… check the situation your found in!

It seems like shady deals were going down everywhere..sick like the flu or poison ivory..the fountain of youth discovery won’t help them; look at the clock.. the timing was off!

Capricorns rock…its their season!!   the little goat climbs the mountain !! but whose acting brand new with me in the ATL?  “crimies” were going off!

Word is born…beats are check the Sonic Assault ..some get whats coming to them; shot clocks and timers are going off;  for some time has expired!

poster for The Matrix
poster for The Matrix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Others are dealing with the hatred and scorn…caught up in the system / matrix  after those faking it conspired!

Cons aspired for world domination..somebody mentioned the illuminati!

But good runs had me tired!! way way out there…this brotha is local, international or even intergalactic with it…or just  rolling on 101 in the Bay Area,  I-95 in the Jax to up on I-75 in Cincinatti!

…Now “holla at me” if you know about the expedition!

Haters threw a dollar at me; but this is part of a bigger plan..I’m a man on a mission!

Clearance Rack Epiphanies…Still Not For A Limited Time Only..

Enjoy it while you can I was told; like Taylor Swift told Harry Styles..its for a limited time only!

Like low gas prices under $3 dollars a gallon for the holiday; but  now up to $3.35 a check your styles…spotted at the Dollar Tree  …previously Old Navy , Gap,  and Limited only!

Check the ongoing crisis..the old navy was surprised by the North Korea missile test!!  please!!  also by Iran’s!

Its cold like Russia!!  please!!  I Felt The Pressure!!  now dropping these clearance rack epiphanies hoping somebody will understand!

As the mothership lands on earth…no clearance was given for that by NASA!

As a brother gets scientific like someone facing foreclosure;  contacting NACA!

Another looking for closure will “holla atcha”  ….said they had the green light like John Legend!

….Or Andre 3000;  the devil will oppose ya..him and a caste of thousands; soon your a martyr or urban legend!

Speed you need in an Audi 5000 or Acura Legend? spotted swerving down I-85 in Atlanta!

True indeed !!  arousing the masses..legendary!!  all the way live like Lakeside… a Kenny Rogers type gambler!

True indeed!!  check these clearance  rack epiphanies;  Transmitting Live!!   always in season..not just around the holidays!

True indeed!!  as we proceed..carrying a Sword of Truth;  the good word is dropped as the brand new funk plays!

Clearance Rack Epiphanies / Not For A Limited Time Only

Check these clearance rack epiphanies; but unlike holiday sales they’re not for a limited time only!

Check the interference jack!!  like Republicans and the fiscal cliff ..but I go off with this!!  realizing its on me!

Making a difference jack!!  a brother can work this thing out per Willie Hutch!

Whose faking with the belligerence?  now were in the storm again!!  waiting on the Lord to come through in the clutch!

….Can’t be saved by Stormin Norman!!  waiting on things to be normal again..please!! now whose taking a piece of this and that? I heard stores were having holiday sales!

Whose faking?  said you’ll find peace in this and that;  now the coping strategy fails!

Whose sailing on like the Commodores?  as we come through these windows and doors of opportunity…

Sometimes I feel like a giant standing alone against the world..realizing that it’s on me..

Sometimes compliant like dockworkers averting a strike…but then not happy like Egyptians after the constitution referendum...

The Sonic Assault shows defiance..O-Dizzle will rock …check the light workers business going we get with them..

Whose caught up in the system / matrix?  Christmas has come and gone…now jokers talk about things “ain’t right” ..who will work with us? some mentioned treason per opposition to Morsi in Egypt..

Dealing with the interference…applicants had no references..but the rack is full of epiphanies…check the clearance..we let you know whats up with it..