DutchMassive – Astral Traveling (“Cosmos” Music Video)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; checking out DutchMassive – with their version of Pharoah Sanders classic track Astral Traveling (“Cosmos” Music Video) ..Let’s Go!!

Rameses B – Ecosystem

Sunday Jazz Continues..checking out some chillout / electrojazz / future jazz from Rameses B -with a track called Ecosystem. This is track 2 of his new  ‘Reborn’ project. Get the album here: http://ramesesb.bandcamp.com/album/re…   Or on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/reb…


Mop Mop feat. Fred Wesley & Anthony Joseph – Run Around

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out Mop Mop feat. Fred Wesley & Anthony Joseph – with a cut called  they’re giving us the Run Around..science is dropped y’all !! check it out!!

Dark Mystery Of Time and Space Mix

Sunday Jazz Continues…Sunday is usually a day of reflection. Some might even contemplate the Dark Mystery of Time and Space per this O-Dog mix…check it out!!

The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space

Mr. Scruff – Whiplash

Sunday Jazz Continues..checking out some electrojazz  / hip hop / funk from Mr. Scruff with a cut called  Whiplash….courtesy of Ninja Tunes...check it out y’all!!

Groove Armada –Superstylin’

Sunday Jazz Continues…genre bending…checking out some electro-jazz with a dub feel to it…classic material from Groove Armada with Superstylin’

London Elektricity – Unreality

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out some more future jazz, fusion

…this time from Hospital Records drum and bass artist London Elektricity – with a track called Unreality..

This is from Hospital Record’s Out Patients 2 project from 2001..check it out..


Sword Of Truth Mix

Sunday Jazz Continues….starting things off with one of my jazz / funk / hip hop mixes…

Peeping game… noticed its going down; I was aware of the Deliberate Falsehood…

 Creeping in the game…..its going down…trying to carry the Sword of Truth in the midst of so many falsehoods…

Jokers were sleeping in the game..its going down some were acting false in the hood….in these hostile territories..

But game recognizes game; whose jumping after recognizing?  as usual O-Dizzle has the brand new flavor…O-Zone uses a hot style to tell these stories…check out the Sword Of Truth Mix

Sword Of Truth Mix.