Guru feat. Chaka Khan – Watch What You Say

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Flashback Friday  timeframe…

The saga / struggle continues,  what will be the outcome? damn!! it’s a big mind game…

How did we try to live? issues illuminated by the Full Moon in Taurus as  hustles get knocked;? we wonder who’s for us or against us?  how will they play?

Especially here in the midst of  Scorpio Season I peeped game ready for the treason; as I post this rolling down I-20  a dude rocked, listening to Guru feat. Chaka Khan  with Watch What You Say..

This is from that Jazzmatazz project!! from  45  on down some need to watch their mouth talking all the jazz!! Branford Marsalis and DJ Premier we’re also on the track!! let the music play!!

As we try not to spaz on them, but it’ll be on them trying to start this and that; check the premier as I mentioned earlier; let the music play!!



Autumn Leaves. [Jazz Hop / Hip Hop / Chill Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! Humpday Extravaganza is the venue!

Happy November!! getting over the hump is still the mission!! whatcha been through?

Getting over it!!  beats will thump, in need of a soundtrack, as we bring it back!

Seasons / reasons change!! cool winds don’t seem strange!! please!! Fall is back!

Daylight savings time? we’ll fall back plus the Taurus Full Moon is on deck, all up in the mix!!

I stay going for mine!! at the moment? maxing and relaxing!! the Jazzhop Cafe will bring the Autumn Leaves. [Jazz Hop / Hip Hop / Chill Mix!! check out the playlist and the mix!!

That time of year when dusty smooth jazz samples come alive!

01 00:00 Preposition – When I Met You

02 01:58 Freddie Joachim – Wake Up (Ft. Othello)

03 05:28 Hella Maker – Song Cry (Ft. Stephen Onprachanh & Rythmatical)

04 08:14 AK420 – Work

05 11:28 DeKobe – Bluebirds

06 13:18 EMERLD – Wavey Kinda Love (Ft. HannahLee & PLAY)

07 15:50 Nicobox – Méttisage

08 17:48 Chopef – Morning Coffee

09 20:04 Pabzzz – Some Nights

10 22:56 Revolutionary Rhythm – CaliStyles

11 26:04 Thomas Prime – The Moon’s Tide

12 29:28 Plusma – Beygl

13 31:20 Tha Third I – Smoove Sh*t

14 34:04 xPanda – OS-J 15

36:06 Keizan – Salzburg (Ft. Devaloop)

16 38:48 NAK – White Rice

17 43:02 Didi Crazzz – Omia

18 45:16 Ohoka Soul – Cloves

19 47:40 Gas-Lab – Blue (Ft. Benaddict & Marcelo Gallo)

20 50:22 Soul Kix – Mr. Blue Note