Character And Passion (Part Seven)

A real character in this reality show that’s not televised like Gil Scott Heron mentioned the revolution wouldn’t be!

Showing passion as class is in session in the school of hard knocks dealing with hustle knocks from those saying the evolution of your dude couldn’t be.. way he’d  ever be what he wanted to be; on this Thankful Thursday where it’s a blessing to be here the sunlight through my window was like an alarm.

It’s competing with last nights Full Moon in Gemini; its a new day; as character and passion are shown will it be a dance of manifested dreams or do we manifest illusions?

Completing our breakbeat scientific mission? no lies detected we’re on a quest! doing the damn thing! once again it’s on!

Blessed with a touch of twisted class per the stubborn character and a passion! we can chill out or be crass, the masses we’re confusing.

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The Best Jazz & Smooth Classics Vibes Instrumentals – Lo Greco Bros, Trio A.G.E

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as a Wednesday afternoon shifts into a Wednesday evening!

Don’t get me wrong, the HumpDay Extravaganza is still underway, we kept on achieving!

Life is a Marathon we kept on running, coming through like Rev. Raphael Warnock down here in Georgia!

Especially since we’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta Georgia!

I don’t know; maybe somebody will understand a brotha, I know things are kind of murky due to this Full Moon In Gemini…

There’s two sides to the game, maybe more check the score it’s like my Terrible / Terrific Tuesday edition where things can go either way; no lie!!

It’s rough out here, that’s why we’re chilling listening to The Best Jazz & Smooth Classics Vibes Instrumentals – Lo Greco Bros, Trio A.G.E! courtesy of IRMA Records!!

Afternoon / Evening Jazzing!! check out the playlist and the mix, soon spazzing? naw, this music is part of the healing process!! check the science it should be reflected in the records!!

Tracking List:

1 – Lo Greco Bros, Trio A.G.E. – Ain’t No Sunshine 00:00:00

2 – Lo Greco Bros, Trio A.G.E. – Don’t Know Why 00:03:11

3 – Lo Greco Bros, Trio A.G.E – Ain’t Nobody 00:07:00

4 – Lo Greco Bros, Trio A.G.E. – Something 00:12:29

5 – Lo Greco Bros, Trio A.G.E. – Billy Jean 00:17:13

6 – Lo Greco Bros, Trio A.G.E. – You Make Me Feel Like (A Natural Woman) 00:21:23

7 – Lo Greco Bros, Trio A.G.E. – Born To Be Alive 00:26:46

8 – Lo Greco Bros, Trio A.G.E. – Walk On The Wild Side 00:31:20

9 – Lo Greco Bros, Trio A.G.E. – Can’t Hide Love 00:35:34

10 – Lo Greco Bros, Trio A.G.E. – Feeling Good 00:40:16

11 – Lo Greco Bros, Trio A.G.E. – Deep Waters 00:45:03

Character And Passion (Part Six)

 We’re trying to get over the hump!  the usual business handled per this HumpDay Extravaganza!

Trying to get over that hump like Clayton County put Rev. Raphael Warnock over in the Senate race against Herschel Walker down here in Georgia; somebody will understand a brotha.. character and passion are shown; Brotha O is focused but not a firebrand energized by the ongoing firestorm. 

Brotha O is trying to chill while some like the reign / rain / thunder and fire, oh yes! to them it’s the norm. 

Listening to Fire by the Ohio Players though its not Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday even though they’re  haunted by memories of old, those burned bridges?

A stubborn character and a passion is exhibited enhanced by this Full Moon in Gemini but they’re still haunted by the Sagittarius new moon; dealing with old shadows? yes, he acknowledges. 

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What’s The Word On The Curb? (Part Nine)

Check us out as we come through with this HumpDay Extravaganza with this word on the curb. we’re out here providing bonus coverage!

The saga / struggle continues as life goes on as the toil and strife goes on; it’s rough out here! like Rev. Raphael Warnock winning the senate race down here in Georgia with help from Clayton County we realize it’s going to be on help from the Lord and it’s going to be us to gain some leverage!

Above average Supreme Courage and Maximum Strength is needed! considering the last time or previous episodes? we’re being more cautious. 

Things were hectic out here, that’s how life is sometimes! jokers tried to hype things up using their misinformation / disinformation  / word on the curb saying things were supposedly magical but they lost us.

Soon they’ll abandon the program like Scott Satterfield leaving Louisville or Deion Sanders leaving Jackson State; jokers will still hate check the lack of warmth, it’s feeling cold like a winter morning. 

I mentioned earlier the temperature is rising but it’s a cold world; but soon? a rebirth, not feeling old it’s a new beginning. 

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House Classics The Remix Edition Vol. 1

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; excuse us as this Friday Feeling is exhibited…

It’s the weekend baby!! might as well go on and say that; the good music? your dude will play that, plus O-Zone will let you know the deal with it..

Oh!! it’ll be breaking news from a breakbeat scientist out here trying to deal with it!! fueled by the Full Moon in Gemini?

Plus it’s Friday The 13th, bear witness to how we work this thing!! but it’s like the GOP during the ongoing Trump Impeachment; somebody will lie!!

We’re O-Dog Day Partying, beats will bump as we reach for it!! we’re listening to House Classics The Remix Edition Vol. 1

Smoke / fog mirrors? in the heart of this thing but surviving!! check out the playlist and the mix, this is courtesy of DJ Steve Adams!! he’s on one!!

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As We Proceed And Continue..(Part Two)

Check this out!! it’s going down on a Flashback Friday but you know how a dude will play this..

The saga / struggle continues; life goes on!! toil and strife goes on!! excuse your dude for getting retro – futuristic..

As we proceed and continue, life goes on! toil and strife goes on!! moves are made on a wet rainy morning here in Atlanta…

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta the runway / gateway to the universe; split personality?  one moment I pray and then I’ll curse; somebody might understand a brotha!!

Sounding like house panels talking about the Trump Articles Of Impeachment, pumping brakes / tires screech kid due to this Atlanta rush hour traffic..

Lights blink on the instrumental panel; while at the Large Hadron Collider God Particles are studied; scientists soon teaching it!!  Higgs Boson? scientist due the mathematics..

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Oh!! So That’s What They Meant!! (Part Five)

Check us out on this Throwback Thursday, as we “holla back” like J Anthony Brown returning to the last episodes of the Tom Joyner Morning Show..

Check us out as we go back to the future, we had to fall back to the Full Moon in Gemini, scientist call it a Full Cold Moon; confirmed? weather forecasters say per a collapsed Polar Vortex it’ll show..

We’ve also got the Geminid Meteor Shower, no Trump golden showers that’s another story; the sport is complex, not trying to visualize that!!

Somebody lied, shouting with force / power like the GOP in  Trump impeachment hearings thinking somebody will fear that!!

Oh!! So That’s What They Meant! meanwhile we’re dropping knowledge!! per the articles of impeachment being marked up  this can also be considered breaking news from a breakbeat scientist. 

Oh!! So That’s What They Meant! jokers declared that, meanwhile we’re moving forward looking for a breakthrough as others called themselves studying the God Particle; aka  the Higgs Boson at the Large Hadron Collider; preached about by scientists..

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As We Proceed And Continue..(Part One)

It’s going down per this HumpDay Extravaganza!! we’ll proceed and continue, like that joint by The Roots..

We’re still out here trying to get over the hump!! the saga / struggle continues; life goes on!! it’s not Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday but I might have to play it like Richie Havens; Going Back To My Roots…  

We’re out here dealing with a joker that loots the treasury, running up deficits!! misbehaving  like the GOP and Mitch McConnell then blaming the poor..

As we proceed and continue, we’ll go for broke, still riding for freedom rebuking those that want us to fail; soon we’re all up in the game winning, check the score..

….like Los Angeles Lakers; Showtime 2.0, so whatcha know? in 2020? Lord willing, these brothas will be on the case..

Rebuking fakers, show and proving with mine per the 20 / 20 Hindsightenhanced by the Gemini full moon tonight!! Lord willing?  these brothas will be on the case..

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Adversity Anniversary PT. 5 (Moving Forward)


Moving forward, never backwards; what it do? the adversity anniversary is over with…

Scorpio season came to a close, as the Sun moved to Sagittarius; the nefarious told me to get over it…

Dr Phil told us how the sport would go, various ways and means are used by the adversary, they’ll even shoot your jet down like Turkey did Russia’s

Real? that’s how the struggle is!! I was reminded by the adversity anniversary, plus jive turkeys made sure I felt the pressure…

Live turkeys hide on this country road I live on,  out off of I-20 in Atlanta; seasons / reasons come into play per the Thanksgiving Holiday…

How did I work these?  still keeping it in street mode due to treasons / reasons for those wondering how this black man will play…

Supporting Black Friday? naw man!! that’s due to the climate changing in more ways than one; who’ll tell the story?

Moving forward, going on my way; Once again it’s on!!  beats are banging, plus this good word will tell the story!!

Check the status: *it’s like this and like that and a*   we’re in Transition!!  we’re Taking The Next Step/ Moving Forward / never backwards..

The Gemini / Sagittarius axis is activated by the Full Moon, a good time for moving!! the Mothership gets good mileage!!  funky?  that’s how O-Dog’s track works..

O-Zone? I knew some weren’t fair with this and that; the adversary hurts all positive endeavors…

What it do? the adversity anniversary was a reminder as I feel the spirit; now I regroup: ties? a brotha severs…