Deep House Mix (1998) · Nostalgic Sets · Grau DJ

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; check us out, we’re trying to keep this thing flowing…

This cloudy Friday afternoon is soon transitioning to Friday evening; bands or  remnants of Hurricane Laura are already here in Atlanta..

Rowdy when we play a tune or two  / O-Dog Day Partying? as the music plays chilling / reflecting / remembering past episodes per rolling in different modes; somebody will understand a brotha!!

Crowding me? I still need six feet, still social distancing this is not aTrump RNC acceptance speech / rally on the Withe House lawn, while they’re lying to another..

Allow me to show love from a distance with this music, listening to Deep House Mix (1998) · Nostalgic Sets · Grau DJ

Check out the playlist and mix, I’ll have to admit that 1998 was a good year per being nostalgic! peeping game, so how will the style get!! he said it’s a deep house mix but he’s got some jazz tracks mixed in!!  somebody can feel me!!

Atmospheric Deep House Mix • Deepness • Grau DJ

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I call a Terrible / Tuesday; things can go either way!!

We’ll claim the terrific part, told a hater don’t start!! this thing is serious we don’t play…

Well, we have to admit we do play that good music that’s conducive to our survival..

Oh yes!! the sound is weaponized for spiritual warfare as we take it there; bear witness to the arrival!!

This O-Dog Day Party is going down!! all the way live bro!! we’re listening to this Atmospheric Deep House Mix • Deepness • Grau DJ

This O-Dog Day Party is going down!! check out the playlist and the mix; my motto? lt the music play!!

1 – R. Hz – Anabiosis (Substak Remix) – 00:00

2 – Evren Ulusoy – Distance – 06:28

3 – Michele Fantini – Joker – 11:38

4 – Fresh & Low – String Theory (Addex Remix) – 20:28

5 – Lee Burridge – Lingala (Gorje Gewek & Izhevsky Remix) – 25:14

6 – Meloder – Avoidance of Doubt (VieL Remix) – 31:35

7 – Moti Brothers – We Are The Dreamers (Moe Turk Remix) – 38:20

8 – Dance Committee – Hunt The Light (Original Mix) – 44:09

9 – Anton Lanski – That Moves Your Heart – 49:47

10 – Addex – Exhale, Relax (Original Mix) – 56:19