Check Out This Stuff We’re Putting Down

Had to thank the homie 10xCSN for the advice; he said “the atoms nucleus was rocked; we had to funk down to the sub-atomic particle level”

From the streets of the A-Town on over to North Charleston and up to Baltimore jokers are playing with the devil…

As we take things to anotha level!!  planets clashing!! Mercury in Gemini vs Saturn in Sagittarius plus  the Sun and Mars are in Taurus, a week after the full moon in Scorpio

As we take things to anotha level; who’ll work with me? who’s for or against us?  please!! it’s complex, we know how the sport will go

Meanwhile some try to live without light;  damn!! I tried to tell them it’s *Part Of The Natural Process*

But they don’t hear me though!!! I continue to let them do what they do; Rufus and Chaka Khan said it was a Fool’s Paradise

Dude said ignorance was bliss!! he  said it’s a form of peace!!  true story!! damn!! I hope he doesn’t reach comatose….

What’s the environment? Ecological Ignorance Will Alter The Fate; we fight back with the beat and prose….

Fighting back with the Sonic Assault / hell was caught!! so what was I supposed to do?

Peeped game that was put down by old dude from Louisville Checker Cab days; told me the “devil is opposed to you”

Some were sleep in the game; rehab awaits others unless they snap out of it and put that stuff down…

Meanwhile we creep up in the game by getting breakbeat scientific; check out the stuff we put down!!