Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can go either way…

Claiming the terrific outcome, celebrating by pulling out the drum but I’m not dumb; realizing that I’m caught up in the fray..

I usually say the saga / struggle continues aka life goes on; looking at these menus? let us pray will be the secret weapon..

…in this ongoing spiritual warfare, while utilizing the Battle Cry; Lord Help!! Lord Help!! oh yes!! that’s what I’m using…

Spiritual health is enhanced with the music; at the moment listening to TECHNO JUNE 2020 SUMMER EDITION CLUB MIX #techno #playlist

This is courtesy of Stefano Dj Stoneangels Channel Two ; check out the playlist and the mix to see what it do!! we’ll continue to get breakbeat scientific we’re not playing with this!!

Check this out at TECHNO JUNE 2020 SUMMER EDITION CLUB MIX #techno #playlist