Chari Chari – Across The Universe (Frankie Valentine’s Late Nite Rendezvous Groove)

Sunday Jazz Continues, smooth sounds? on these menus, rocking these venues on this Sunday evening!!

The saga / struggle continues, making our rounds as life goes on; once again it’s on!! we kept believing!!

Of course toil and strife is on another level emphasized by another devil deceiving the masses…

Par for the course, a brotha took the next level course, universal currencyaka reality checks used to pay for it!!  now dropping knowledge,  conducting seminars and classes..

Who’ll work with me? playing this like Chari Chari; Across The Universe (Frankie Valentine’s Late Nite Rendezvous Groove)

Who’ll work with me? Latin jazz / Future Jazzing / Jazz Dancing so this fool won’t be spazzing,  praying / cursing at the same time!! trying to get it right and stay in the groove..

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Frankie Valentine – Midnite Sun [F.V. Suntribe Dub]

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can play out either way..

Claiming the terrific outcome, so we’re dropping this good word and pulling out the drum as we let the music play..

Let us pray was the move made before we made other moves!! seeing what another shows / proves, Trump mentioned going through a lynching..

Let us play on, ignoring fools from old and new schools talking in code!! your dude shows / proves with beats that bump, while O-Zone obeys the street code;  a cinch to do the damn thing!!

At the moment listening to Frankie Valentine with  Midnite Sun [F.V. Suntribe Dub]; appropriate for this time frame around twelve noon?

Roy Ayers Ubiquity?  my life / my life in the sunshine? sun shining here in Atlanta after rainy days, understand a brotha as he plays this tune..

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Frankie Valentine – Ain’t No Ransom Without A Hostage (Club Mix Studio 21)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; Labor Day is also being celebrated…

Falling between a Sunday Jazz / O-Dog Day Party vibe, partying with the tribe? oh yes!! we collaborated…

Over the weekend? rolling down Peachtree Street in Atlanta all up  the hooptie  listening to Eddie Harris with Listen Here...

Dragon Con participants provided the visuals, street and spiritual  residuals provided while out there..

Due to deficits? some of my constituents are held hostage!! out in these streets celebrating Labor Day but in debt /  trying to keep their head above water /  trying not to come undone…

What’s up with this?  we’re still out in these streets at the intersection where house music meets jazz, listening to Frankie Valentine with Ain’t No Ransom Without A Hostage (Club Mix Studio 21)

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