The Green Button

I’m ready to start this thing up!!  like France In Mali….what will the style be?  I was told to push the green button!

I had to laugh!! the mothership has landed…I had this the funk..but earthlings were told to go green after being gluttons!

Others were gluttons for punishment like Republicans vs Chuck Hagel..but that’s how they work things…soon victims of circumstances!

Others hit switches, turned dials, and pushed buttons;  but soon they’re in debatable circumstances!

Being built or torn down?  a joker gets played like a clown after dances with the devil;  soon going under!

Not in Australia..the coping strategy will fail ya!!  bets were placed..the bookies will ask you;  over or under?

Mass hysteria is like Syria!!  somebody find the green button so we can reset things!

Dashboards are checked..whats the stats? as I get real with ya!! I  had to put

Wu-Tang Clan - Sentrum Scene 2010
Wu-Tang Clan – Sentrum Scene 2010 (Photo credit: NRK P3)

it on default settings!

We clash with board of directors in so many sectors!! from Wall Street to  Louisville to the ATL!

Cash ruled everything around me per the Wu Tang Clan …some are caught under the spell!

Everything is everything per Donny Hathaway!! that’s what a joker said….  meanwhile I’m trying to find the green button!

Trying to make a difference with this breakbeat me it means something!


The Expedition


Whats really going on? The saga / uphill struggle / journey continues…I’m on an expedition!

….not up in the Ford,  not even the Explorer..even though I am one;  a bruh is on a mission!

Not on one accord with these earthlings!!   from French Troops in Mali to drama in Algeria…plus its going down here in the interior…damn!! the ragged / ratched 90’s model  Ford Explorer was holding up traffic on Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain!1995-1998 Ford Explorer photographed in USA. C...

The rims or wheels were worth more than the did they work things?  foul like killing elephants and rhinos for ivory in Kenya…it wasn’t natural… check the situation your found in!

It seems like shady deals were going down everywhere..sick like the flu or poison ivory..the fountain of youth discovery won’t help them; look at the clock.. the timing was off!

Capricorns rock…its their season!!   the little goat climbs the mountain !! but whose acting brand new with me in the ATL?  “crimies” were going off!

Word is born…beats are check the Sonic Assault ..some get whats coming to them; shot clocks and timers are going off;  for some time has expired!

poster for The Matrix
poster for The Matrix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Others are dealing with the hatred and scorn…caught up in the system / matrix  after those faking it conspired!

Cons aspired for world domination..somebody mentioned the illuminati!

But good runs had me tired!! way way out there…this brotha is local, international or even intergalactic with it…or just  rolling on 101 in the Bay Area,  I-95 in the Jax to up on I-75 in Cincinatti!

…Now “holla at me” if you know about the expedition!

Haters threw a dollar at me; but this is part of a bigger plan..I’m a man on a mission!

What’s Really Going On? Per My Blog’s Name..

Marvin Gaye asked the question back in the day;  Whats Going On?

He even declared Right On!!  but its a new day; how did some play?  like France in Mali..they’re even second guessing;  so whats really going on?

That’s even the name of this website…like the mass hysteria in Syria…the web was tight around the masses!

It’s all game!!  word to those looking for we try to get it right….O-Dizzle is conducting funk seminars and classes!

Another prays and fasts…hoping Hugo Chavez is well…some have a lot to tell..they give us the revelations!

Another says its going down like this!!  another says it going down like that !!  then some get a surprise like the Ravens beating the Broncos..but you know how it goes….knowledge was lost in translations!

Whats really going on? the mothership has landed on earth…but I dipped down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie…listening to Rockers International on 89.3… modes of transportation varied during the ongoing transition!

Whats really going on? some acted irrational…they were out of order….those injured or inflicted soon projected their condition!

Whats really going on? ships sink like the Costa Concordia…what was the reason for the treason?  so-called facts contradict  the truth!

Like Oakland the danger zone is occupied!!  funky tracks?  O-Dizzle kicked them!!  O-Zone carried the Sword of Truth!

Whats really going on? some faked the funk  but reality provided proof…its like this and like that!

….Another said it is what it is!!  so we can’t really fight that!