When Midnight Comes | Deep Progressive House Set | Exclusive Dj Mix For 3rd Avenue

Digital Crate Digging Continues check these menus as this brunch is served…

Brunch? breakfast / lunch it’s mid – morning as twelve noon approaches, a dude still swerved…

Going in / getting it in early, who’ll work with me as we set this HumpDay Extravaganza off!!

Shadow boxing, training for this spiritual warfare; getting over the hump is the business understand a brotha? we’re going off!!

In the shadows lurking / waiting in the dark? jokers had a hunch but they’re misled!! that’s what happens when midnight comes!!

The name of this mix? When Midnight Comes | Deep Progressive House Set | Exclusive Dj Mix For 3rd Avenue courtesy of Johnny M; check out the playlist and the mix, it’s rough out here on the boulevard / avenue!! but check out this Conquest with the drums!!


01. Alberto Hernandez (MX) – When We Dance In The Rain (Original Mix) 00:00

02. Sleg – Shambhala (Original Mix) 07:03

03. Francisco Ugarte – The Sound Of The Wind (Original Mix) 13:33

04. Leon Lobato – Fade Out (Original Mix) 18:51

05. Apnitus – Clarity (Original Mix) 24:32

06. Poli Siufi – Nausicaa (Original Mix) 31:30

07. Thales Senses – Elemento (Original Mix) 39:30

08. Lerr – Mornings (Original Mix) 48:34

09. JFR, Juan Sapia – The Girl Who Stole the Stars (Albuquerque & Foletto Remix) 55:11

10. Fractal Architect – Discovery (Original Mix) 1:02:03


Inner Peace | Deep Progressive House Set | Mixed By Johnny M | All Tracks By 3rd Avenue

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can play out either way..

Actually? it’s been a great day as the terrific outcome manifested the Lord blessed it, we’ll continue on our way…

Still chilling out in the lab, no need to be out in these streets Covid 19 hasn’t gone anywhere..

Straight out of the lab? The vaccines are here but it’ll take awhile before effects are clear.

Straight out of rehab per those opioids?  The DOJ will say it’s Walmart’s fault for the hell caught..

That’s another story, O-Zone avoids the chaos / confusion I told a naysayer  don’t start!!

Chilling out, listening to Inner Peace | Deep Progressive House Set | Mixed By Johnny M | All Tracks By 3rd Avenue

Oh yes!! it’s all about peace using the sound to release the stress!! check out the playlist and the mix as we rock the boulevard / avenue..


01. B.A.X. – Ocean’s Reminiscene’s (Ercos Blanca Remix) 00:00

02. Truong Tham – Mundane (Original Mix) 05:42

03. NAHS & J.P. Velardi – Her Sigh (Original Mix) 10:16

04. NAHS & J.P. Velardi – Beautiful Sense (Original Mix) 17:31

05. Subnode – Cura (Original Mix) 24:41

06. Adri Pacheco – Rumble (Original Mix) 30:12

07. George Alhabel – 6_27 (Original Mix) 38:18

08. DJ Paul (AR) – Epley (Gabriel Amato Remix) 44:16

09. Analog Jungs – Punilla (Original Mix) 50:42

10. KYOTTO – Would You Be There When the World Fails (Original Mix) 57:06

11. Patricio Mucchielli – To A Dear Friend (Original Mix) 1:04:18

12. Madloch – Flow State (Beije Remix) 1:11:30

13. Fractal Architect – Confluence (Original Mix) 1:19:30

14. Fran Garay – Fall In Melody (Original Mix) 1:25:50

15. Weird Sounding Dude – Star Child (Original Mix) 1:32:46