Out There…On Some Other -Other

It might be hard to find me….the lights didn’t blind me… I was way way out there!

I was on some other-other!! word to the mother!!  as we continue to go there!

Facing opposition!  material / spiritual…even cosmic like the Uranus Pluto Square!

Racing ahead….fresh view / fresh visions used!!  like the Solar Eclipse were intergalactic !! through galaxies we cruised !  multi- levels and dimensions!!  acting like we knew  when we go there!

Racing through my mind like passengers at LAX?  past episodes of a positive and negative nature!

Casing the joint like the criminal minded I was accused of being like!!  but like Mike its per Human Nature!

Per Michael Jackson check out the action!!  drama will jump off like its LAX Terminal 3!

No telling how it might go!!  check the interaction;  food stamps are even cut..all of us are going through something…who’ll work with me?

Doing the mathematics;  addition / subtraction  / multiplication and division!

Doing what I do!!  but dealing with next level dramatics!!  like Israel attacking Syrian missile sites.. haters were on a mission!

Jokers were wondering how I was living!!  please!!  I was way way out there!

All of us are struggling!! but these brothas are on some other- other;  but were taking it there!