I Went Along For The Ride

It’s going down!!  its unusual!!  I wasn’t driving!!  I was sitting in the back seat..I went along for the ride.

It’s going down!!  some act like they knew a bruh like I was The Target CEO who resigned due to the data hack…but I’m back in the street…barely surviving!!  it’s rough out here!!  there’s nowhere to run or hide.

The moment?  I’m trying to Slide like Slave with my folk..how will they behave?  this is a test.

….of the emergency broadcast system;  as we bump heads with the system..they had my folk enslaved like Boko Haram threats concerning  the missing girls..as the drama unfurls..it had us stressed.

What’s up with them and those? O-Dizzle is rocking like Casey Kasem..knowledge is dropped during the impromptu praise and worship service.

..It was also a staff meeting ; the consensus?  no surrender or retreating is how were going to work this.

You heard this from the Brotha O!!  out here in these attack zones going for what I know!!  please it’s like this and like that.

There’s always something!! things can fall off like the human chandelier at the Ringling Brothers circus in Providence…I can provide evidence that  it’s rough out there!!  it got lonely but we kept on running!!  somebody had to fight that.

God’s providence over these brothas strengthened us …we were running hard like Kenyan marathon runners!!  even though they didn’t win in Boston.

Life is a marathon …there’s always something that’ll leave my peeps scarred!!  circumstances were debatable…being built or torn down? that’s where we lost them.

What was I on? haters lost me on that “rah rah rah ”  “lah lah lah”  mess…just a hot mess like the search for Flight 370 for Malaysia..

What was I on? I heard the Donald Sterling remarks..reflecting corporate sentiments? I knew what was up…but as things go down..it just might amaze ya…


We Pause For The Cause…Because Were Down For The Cause

So whats up with it?  I checked the clock..it said 11:11 am …so I had to pause for the cause!

Some are corrupt with it;  nowhere near benevolent!!  they weren’t down for the cause!

The devil was in it the details;  like it was discussed with shorty over in Decatur..talking about how him and his advocates stay busy!! but a brotha prevails!

Next level dramatics are rebuked…we had the power like Snap!!   the mothership had power that nuked  us through the galaxy…so  we sail!

Next level fanatics will try to hijack the plane like Flight 370 from Malaysia…they’ll fail…no weapons formed would work against us per Ray Lewis..

Check the mathematics..were making adjustments..but heard careless whispers and spotted sideways glances…like were acting brand new with this…

Intergalactic with this…I’m in transition like old school Georgetown or UNLV Running Rebels!

That’s what’s up with this!!  it’s going down!! for the cause? we’re down!!  as we stay ten steps ahead of these devils.

I had to pause for the cause..now once again it’s on!!  I’m trying to make it work but meeting opposition.

Technical difficulties surround me…plus the arch nemesis will hound me!!  but I’m on a mission.

High and low technical!! with these..the sound will be analog and digital…cosmic slopping due to cosmic inflation…

Down for the cause from the get go..O-Dog  will rock this!! after pausing for the cause..now jazzing, funking it up and hip hopping..check the sonic instigation..