Basic Fundamentals / Reading and Writing

I’m doing the knowledge….better than CIA and FBI concerning  Tamerlan Tsarnaev..please!!  reading and writing is fundamental!

…plus the mothership gets good mileage….its back down to earth;  after peeping game around the galaxy like the Hubble Telescope… now feeding the masses this breakbeat science;  insight we bring on an O-Dizzle instrumental!

Class is in session!!  its the full scope …physical and mental aspects will be involved!

Classic examples of aggression were exhibited… fireman’s lingo?  the fire was fully involved!

Classic examples?  fireman were fired on in upstate New York; then held hostage in Gwinnett County Georgia!

Classic examples?  Nathan Shady Deal will fire the school board in DeKalb County Georgia!

Classics examples?  the way you feel is dictated to you…stay on one accord with the media!

Reading, writing plus arithmetic; none needed?  the apparatus is feeding ya!

I’m needing you to get it right!!  its gotta be good!! but a fanatic is impeding progress!

No reading ,writing or arithmetic is done to see where they’re coming we can stop the stress!

Feeding the masses insight with this thing!!  a hot mess?  just call me the hot messenger!

Reading and writing is fundamental;  plus arithmetic..check the O-Dizzle instrumental as we get with ya!


Life Is Hectic / The Scripture and The Mixture

As we proceed and continue; trying to keep our heads above water per the Good Times theme song!

Everybody is going through something…some fire on firemen up in Rochester;  even those flexing are weak,  even though they seem strong!

Correcting errors!! it seems I’m wrong… but unlike the NRA I’m not afraid to admit it!

Correcting errors!! spotted while I was chilling / zoning… life is hectic!!  even failed a few times;  not ashamed to admit it!

Connecting with the higher power like I was the 2011 AG5 asteroid…not paranoid but a bruh is way way out there!!  staying committed to the breakbeat scientific business!

Reality check cashing when clashing with so-called titans;  bearing witness to how hectic life is!

Fake affection was shown by the princess / queen during the toil and strife; dude said he was just trying to catch up on his pimping!

Jakes are disrespecting during the toil and strife!! we still have low and high-tech lynching!

Fakes at fusion centers were collecting data supposedly to foil the latest plot or scheme!

Life is hectic!! check the Total Chaos;   the confusion centers on not being on the right team!

A knife in the back is what you get from a joker trying to tell you its all love..

As we bear witness to the madness…checking out the Christmas Eve the end of the day they try to push and shove…

Check out the  The Life Is Hectic Mix.