Satellite Station Transmissions PT. 10 (Moving Forward Edition)

Once again it’s on, as we broadcast live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta, it’s  out in the boondocks..

Chilling out on a side street , horses are fenced in but looking for escape routes;  jokers were trying to hitchhike, they’re no where close to public transportation!! during his public transformation? O-Dog will rock…

What’s really going on? per the name of his blog, the Brotha O-Dog drops breakbeat science!!  but who will understand a brotha?

O-Zone will bring the poetic justice rebuking the smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors policies, but who will understand a brotha?

We’re hitting the masses with funk, jazz, hip-hop and house   so what’s up? its the Sonic Assault!!

Classes are in session for those that were in the dark, we’ll try to arouse them!! check the seminar for lessons that are taught.

From Ferguson to Baltimore to Charleston racial profiling taught some a lesson that this brotha already knew..

How’s that working for them? Saudi Arabia executed 47, these jokers aren’t playing!! no matter how far one climbs up the ladder., they should act like they knew..

Checking out the past, present and future, why I act like I do? energy was transformed., thawing out from the Ice Age..

Satellite station transmissions blast from this remote outpost as we’re ready to proceed and continue!!  Taking The Next Step…after the Critical Stage…

Slipping transmissions in the hooptie prevented me from moving forward down I-20 in Atlanta, plus opposition is met like ISIS vs Iraq out by Ramadi..

O-Zone? a man on a mission!! in 2016? we’re moving forward, that’s where you can catch me!!



The Discussions (Word On The Curb)

Discussions were held with the homies about world affairs;  the game is shady like New England Patriots, know what I’m saying? recognize what it do? it is what it is…

Percussions were  held by the homies in the motherland;  these days? updated to 808’s, kick drums and snares!! weapons in these spiritual warfares?  it is what is..

Interruptions from this or that institution?  please!! it’s Shady Like *errr*  Tom Brady  or maybe Grady  but not homie from Sanford  and Son,  Whitman Mayo and not the hospital down here in Atlanta; so whatcha know?

Corruptions by this or that institution?  it’s on all levels, you’ve even got Burning Man vs Quiznos…

Corruptions by this or that institution?  it’s on all levels so what’s the solution? what were we learning man? were the right bubbles filled out on the scan sheet to pass the quiz? who knows?

We kept it moving, sometimes we had to sacrifice *it ain’t nothing nice* just look around, it shows..

We kept grooving; had to admit we Think Twice like Donald Byrd, especially after we heard the word on the curb!! now we’re like the Epsilon Lupi Magnetic Field...

Ear shattering gunshots exploded, the situation is out of control you heard? ….Eastside /’s *Out Of Control*  but I see how some are trying to roll!! players were acting erratic out in the field!!

Thoughts that were once scattering corroded but chemical reactions mix with raw material collide; thoughts exploded!! Stop and yield signs were destroyed in the process…

Reality was bruising and battering egos; for some pot and liquor was the sanctuary found to stop the stress…

Authorities were bruising and battering Negroes from Ferguson to Baltimore to Charleston; chefs from the old school used pot liquor to marinate the beef…

Territories soon enlarged, check *the steelo* due to working it out / checking the score son!! we were doing what we do, not following anothers belief…

Slow Down Son!! Your Killing Them!!

*I’ve Got The Speed You Need*

They told me to slow down son!! your killing them!! “said I couldn’t stand the heat” like that joint I heard on Kiss 104 in Atlanta by Loose Ends…

I Told them; “they should know how Brotha O gets down.”  I’m *Moving At A High Velocity* please!! these folks will have you “Hanging On A String” by who? Loose Ends!!

Previous episodes in life? a lot of loose ends, fragments, breaks, bad breaks, setbacks!! damn!! I had to let go!! I had too much baggage..

Easy to get it was Afghanistan / Pakistan/ Iraq / Somalia!!  but from Ferguson to Baltimore to even Charleston  they’ll get foul with ya!!  we’re all up in the spot where *Reason Gave Way To Madness*

Back with this!! I never bragged or boasted, but I got roasted by these comedians!!  some of it was personal, I told you they want me to slow down!!  some can’t catch what they can’t understand..

High Velocity with the speed you need!!  but some want to catch me out there by the border like David Sweat up in New York!! they want me to take it down a thousand..

True indeed!!  some will cry something something / something something  *just ain’t right* like Keith Sweat!! reality will house them…

Blue collar style work is put in!!! we break out in a Cold Sweat like James Brown!! now the Hot Message is delivered;  we’re *All Up In The House Again*

Once chilling up on Mars, but aliens  aroused me!! now It’s On / Once Again, we had to leave the Red Planet!! .

Mystic Voyages were taken, now I’m back  down on earth with this BreakBeat Science business after the mothership landed..

Back down to earth!! we’re moving at a high velocity!! jokers moving in slow motion were shouting slow down son!! your killing them!!

Like Rare Earth I told them to Get Ready!! I was actually trying to help the massive, I’m at the service desk returning bogus merchandise, plus throwing in these bad hands gamblers out for a fast buck were dealing them!!

Check out the Intergalactic High Velocity Mix by O-Dog

Reality Checks : My Method Of Payment

Whatcha Know? I thought I told you it’s rough out here!!  Reality Checks are my method of  payments

My reality? like Slick Rick / Doug E Fresh O-Dog is cashing checks and making sound effects; staying a step ahead of Hunger Games Peacekeepers trying to avoid arraignments..

Arrangements made with slick lawyers?  Rick Ross is going to need one, out in Evander Holyfield’s old house trying to get slick..

Rain gets heavy during the storm; the reign began with a drizzle, but I’m not trying to get sick..

The pain gets heavy!! due to previous episodes I’m trying to heal scars!! at the end of the day? some know the dizzle after somebody lied..

No divorce from reality is granted!! please!! don’t get Judge Judy started!! request denied…

Reality Checks issued now somebody cried;  they thought the wages didn’t add up!! was it due to karmic repercussions?

Others were *Shady Like Grady*  like Goldman Sachs vs GM they tried to play me!! these brothas *Rebuked The Hostile Takeover*  with this word and percussions..

O-Zone? he had sacks of this good word!!   this concrete gospel is preached by this mentalist typing this mental list!! bringing you the discussions..

O-Dog is the funky instrumentalist!! now the Sonic Assault is unleashed!! some will get what’s coming to them due to karmic repercussions!!

Discussions needed between fundamentalists?  Islamic / Christian / Jewish /others; so they can get on the same page?

What’s up son? I kept working with drumkits and typing this good word!! Had to admit, during Outback Chronicles I enjoyed the spoils of spiritual warfare like I was a pirate!! but my people are still suffering per Dylan Roof / Charleston  or even Ferguson / Baltimore type of business , so I’m actually feeling the same rage…

Jogging / Staying In Shape

It’s rough out here!!! like Cleveland Cavaliers playing without Kyrie Irving there’s always something there to remind me; damn!! I guess they’re just memory joggers.

Irrational fears prevented some from swerving but those that are flexible don’t get bent out of shape!! yeah!!  so I’m out here trying to stay in shape with the rest of these joggers.

…Per Ferguson / Baltimore and all points around and in between society will disrespect a bro with the hate!!  but like miners and loggers I’m rocking the hardhat with the lantern on top when I’m going in.

Now I’m in it now up to my neck!! usually staying outside the box but I get pulled back into the game!!  now I’m back in these streets once again.

Taking it to the streets like the Doobies!! bearing witness as plots and schemes are playing out in front of me!! of course most of them going against God’s will.

Writing prompts / memory joggers are soon introduced in this good word;  like EPMD I gots to chill.

Enlightening the masses;  prompt with this as I deal with the madness!!

Jogging  / running this marathon like those cats from Kenya or maybe dipping like Usain Bolt when I came back with this.

We kept on running!!  that’s what we’re on!!  not a pretender;  pain felt after the pressure.

Haters kept on gunning!!  ear shattering gunshots exploded!!  I was under attack from all sides and angles, plus a cat from Boston strangles after feeling the pressure.

The Lord had another test for ya to jog your memory to let you know he’s in control.

Staying on one accord  dipping down I-20 in the Honda Accord!!  another way of jogging!!  in the iPhone?  entries I’m logging per this good word;  this is how I roll.

Bobby Byrd  or even Eric B and Rakim remind me;  I know you got soul or you wouldn’t be in here.

You heard?  it was jogging my memory,  reminding me to have no fear.

It’s All Jacked Up PT.3 (Oh!! So It’s Like This?)

It’s all jacked up!! I was out here scrambling like Mike Vick did without blocking?  getting jacked up!!  I was looking for a breakthrough.

Gambling with fate like gamblers out for a fast buck?  small victories kept me in the game until something opened up!!  now I ask myself ; where did the Mystic Voyage take you?

System integrations led to system crashes;  the old didn’t blend with the new.

Systems failed like integration per desegregation? per Richard Rothstein  Ferguson and Baltimore will let you know what it do!

Real talk / true story / Reality spelled it out;  oh!  so it’s like this? that’s the question asked!

Questions answer themselves?  the answer? I mailed it out after pushing the envelope like a postal worker;  this dude multi -tasked.

A brotha never basked in the limelight; I’m not even going postal getting my crime tight!!  I just put it down like this.

This good word and funky sound is dropped after asking;  oh!!  so it’s like this?

You heard?  I tried to slide through the portal unscathed but I ended up with a few scars.

Now I bathed per the Balm in Gilead ;  I’m going through the healing process!! asking myself;  oh!!  it’s like this?  so I’m just trying to heal the scars.

I was trying to deal with it!! haters were raising bars and pulling out hoops to jump through like I was dealing with FIFA officials!!

I knew the deal about it!! the situation is all jacked up; beep, beep beep!! goes the bus after it backed up running over us!! oh!! so it’s like this? who can see what it do?