The Concept Combination: Life Is Hectic / No Justice No Peace

Check out the concept combination;  first of all like  Ukraine citizens?  life is hectic.

But check the situation;  there’s no justice no peace mane!!  old dude up in Louisville told me not to expect it.

Intuition is kicking in;  I’m chilling out!! I’m  trying not  to flip like Geno Smith!!  its a must that coping strategies  be robust.

This next level mission will be opposed per this good word being composed;  even though the dollar says in God We Trust.

The next devil interrupted my American Dream;  busted and disgusted will be the outcome.

Life is hectic  plus there’s no justice no peace!!   O-Dizzle had to pull out the drum.

Per New Orleans Saints fans mad about the Dallas loss the doldrums try to interfere with these proceedings!!  as we see what the new season will bring.

…Per Ferguson; how’s it working son?  no justice no peace for my kind!!  as we see what the treason will bring.

Deductive reasoning will bring the solution; please!!  we had to do the knowledge.

Whats up with it? we do the damn thing!! the mothership gets good mileage!

Corrupted seasoning due to Louisville  / Newburg upbringing has my kind disrespected.

Concepts were explained to the homie from Alabama that liked to say Roll Tide!!  they understand a bruh when I say there’s no justice and no peace!!  plus life is hectic.