They Already Knew

Some people already knew…..using a fresh view and fresh vision… so they prepared themselves!

Mentioned earlier some are going through it…so they dared themselves!

But some scared themselves;  the cliché  by FDR said there’s nothing to fear but fear itself!

Some scarred themselves with self-inflicted injuries;  meanwhile I was way way out there!! the mothership was on automatic pilot;  it had to steer its self!

Some perjured themselves like Lance was all wrong!!  but he wasn’t the only one riding dirty!

Whats the word from Oscar Pistorius…roid rage? whats up with this? deer antler spray came into play from Baltimore to Alabama; some were too strong…you heard me?

It wasn’t kind of plans did Christopher Dorner have?    please!! I didn’t understand the play ran by the armchair quarterback!

In  Decatur Georgia old girl said “he didn’t think that thing out” ..or “think that thing through” ..meanwhile in Atlanta the derelict down by the Five Points Marta Station  was tripping!! he even gave the quarter back!

Probably high off designer drugs like bath salts and synthetic marijuana...whats up with ya? when will order be back / when will it be restored? just  check out the Total Chaos!

Slick ones already knew!!  they made money off the madness while others take a loss!

We already knew!! so like the old school Baptist preacher said we govern ourselves  accordingly!

We already knew!!  doing the knowledge.. jumping and recognizing;  finding out where the border or boundary will be!

We’re Up In This Piece….We’re All Up In The Spot

Were up in this piece…we’re all up in the spot; I looked around…like the Egyptian vote for president…. the gang is all here!

Just like the Moon, Sun, and  Jupiter are soon in Gemini.…dude said there was nothing to fear!

Oh yeah!! he said “there’s nothing to fear but fear itself” …per FDR…without a doubt!

Oh yeah!!  whats the deal?  I’m surrounded by a bunch of cynics like those doubting Tiger Woods…you know they don’t roll without a doubt!

Whats it all about cousin? its tight in these hoods…check the slow recovery of the economy…one said if his hunch was right all he had to do was wait!

So now he’s waiting in the dark; vehicles were in park.. probably waiting for answers; but soon subject to the authority..consumed by the hate!

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