The Doldrums

Caught up in the mix / the doldrums;  old dude said I had to fight my way through it!

Its like a gauntlet!!  FAMU band initiation?  jokers said others “ain’t right” ….the way they do it!

Whats up with it?  they ask me..some say they understand me!!   but question marks are over some peoples head!

….Like the Sunday Comics in the AJC or New York Times..during these hard times?  some will be misled!

“Doobie doo run run run” …..Running Away like Roy Ayers!!  the strategy for escaping the doldrums?

Whats the deal? was it a false alarm? please!! somebody screamed fire like Ohio Players!!!   R.I.P. to   Leroy “Sugarfoot”  Bonner…..O-Dizzle is up in the lab taping; he  never was dull with the drums!

Whats the deal? O-Zone teamed up with him…he sums up the consequences!

Danger zone residents provided opposition!! whose being built or torn down under debatable circumstances?

O-Zone?  you hurt your chances I was told!!  just because I didn’t go along with the program!

Shaking the doldrums off!!  O-Dizzle uses the drums to go off!!  dropping the funk!!  he wasn’t interested in a slow jam!

Whatcha know man? I peeped game..spotted the doldrums / noticed the morale was low! but I kept kept on running even though it got lonely out there..I’m fighting back like Muhammad Ali!

Word from a Louisville brotha!!  fighting the doldrums..but admitting I’m on some other other’  ….but  check it out!! its the real me!