You Don’t Quit / You Don’t Stop!! (Part Nine)

On this Fabulous Friday where it’s a blessing to be here? we’re trying to keep it moving, per the advice of the old school Baptist preacher  Rev WT Shumake up in Louisville!

He told us you don’t quit / you don’t stop! sadly he just transitioned, may he rest in paradise!! but based on reflections on this Flashback Friday of how far we’ve come? that’s the real deal!

Oh yeah! the struggle is real, but you don’t quit / you don’t stop! sometimes easier said than done! after the struggle got way too real I was ready to roll out!! I said let me go! I told them I’m through, I’m over it!

Oh yeah! the struggle is real! I left in a hurry, up on Buford Highway in Atlanta soon crashing into the monolith!

Reckless, it’ll shatter the quiet; I was like damn! how the hell did that thing get in this strip mall?

Damn! here we go again, back in the day? like Trump Insurrection charges I was caught up in another pitfall.

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Changing The Game (Part Two )

 As we proceed and continue; we’re changing the game up; spirits were too familiar! True indeed!!!  what can I tell ya?  its easy to get victimized by gamblers out for a fast buck; bad cards they’ll deal ya! 

True indeed!! some are almost  broke physically / mentally / spiritually; who’s stuck waiting in the dark? the system didn’t really feel ya, they already used you up! 

True indeed!! interlopers dipped in a fast truck after you pressed your luck; now egos get bruised up! 

We cruised all up in local / national / international and intergalactic frontiers; check us out as the mothership blasted off from our runway out here off of I-20 in Atlanta with robins and cardinals chirping through the smoke.

Abused while on this earth by irrational earthlings I see how they work things, the galaxy beckoning me away? it’s serious, it’s no joke!

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We’re Back Up In It (Part Eight)

Check us out, we’re back up it!! bear witness as we launch this HumpDay Extravaganza..

These brothas get breakbeat scientific, it’s used as a vehicle to get over the hump; somebody will understand a brotha!!

The mothership stays in flight!! peeping out the  Full Moon in Aquariusas fools continue to swoon /  act nefarious even though it’s supposed to be all love;  we proceed and continue, evacuating gray areas.

These  brothas gets scientific, like studying dark matter, intergalactic when we  holla atcha!! O-Dizzle is beat excavating..others are mesmerized by the mass hysteria!

O-Zone? he’s acting familiar but not a familiar spirit with the rites and rituals  performed; alarmed by these  creatures of habit!!  

Familiar with the Creature Features program  from back in the day but this “breakbeat familia”  stormed the embassy with the sonic assault!! not in the way, when we’re back up in it!! check how funky this by product from the lab will get!

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