Is This Some Kind Of Weird Science? PT.2

This not some kind of weird science!! please!!  breakbeat scientific principles are followed.

It’s the essence of this discipline per Eric B and Rakim;  O-Deezy went easy on the cut!!  no mistakes are allowed.

ATLiens styled and profiled per their reality shows;  hustlers were hustling and players playing.

So whatcha saying?  if the science is weird you’ll feel the backlash!! so start praying.

So whatcha saying?  give back the cash they paid you to look the other way!!  your  like a brotha or sista working for Fox News!

So whatcha saying?  tires get slashed and windows were knocked out of cars; supposedly concerning love but some will feel the blues.

Egos get bruised!!  like scientists accused of conducting flawed research per autism and vaccines!  or  other alleged weird studies.

Negroes get bruised or battered like Ferguson Missouri; how’s that working son? it’s  corrupting what one does with these.

…Or those;  knowing the devil will oppose!!  so per the old school Baptist preacher we govern ourselves accordingly.

This science is far from weird!! due to Louisville / Newburg default settings plus spiritual baptisms these  jokers were mad because we didn’t recognize where the border will be.

The Lord will order my steps but  I need to keep it moving and stop being stubborn.

Breakbeat science is dropped;  it’s not weird!!  it’s based on the lessons I learn.