Kruder & Dorfmeister – Shakatakadoodub

Sunday Jazz Continues..checking out Kruder & Dorfmeister, named after members Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister,  an Austrian duo most known for their brand of jazz, downtempo, hip-hop and drum and bass songs. Lets check out Shakatakadoodub…

Traffic: Freedom Rider

Digital Crate Digging Continues…from previous posts you can see I’m all over the place with this music…right now? lets check out some jazz / rock from Traffic with a cut called Freedom Rider…the players? ……Steve Winwood  Hammond organ, piano, bass, percussion; Chris Wood – saxophone, flute, percussion; Jim Capaldi – drums, percussion….check this out!!

Wu-Tang Clan – Iron Flag [Full Album]

Digital Crate Digging Continues…on some hip hop…its serious!! checking out this Wu-Tang Clan Iron Flag album…listen up peeps!!!

1. In The Hood 0:00    2. Rules 4:10    3. Chrome Wheels 8:04   4. Soul Power (Black Jungle) 12:19
5. Uzi (Pinky Ring) 17:12   6. One Of These Days 22:32   7. Ya’ll Been Warned 26:46

8. Babies 31:01   9. Radioactive (Four Assasins) 36:09  10. Back In The Game 39:39
11. Iron Flag 44:13   12. Dashing (Reasons) 50:39  13. The W 55:24

Thelonious Monk – Evidence

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out another one of my favorites…pianist  Thelonious Monk  ….with a tune called Evidence. …recorded in Japan back in 1963….still sounds good to me!! check out the players…

Thelonious Monk — piano …Charlie Rouse – tenor saxophone…

Butch Warren – bass ….Frankie Dunlop – drums …….these cats are playing!!  Mr. Monk is wearing that hat too!! check them out…

Donald Byrd – Black Byrd

Digital Crate Digging Continues…..checking out this classic jazz / funk track from Donald Byrd…called Black Byrd….this is when he hooked up with the Mizell Brothers to put out that jazz /funk / soul fusion music during the 70″s…on this particular cut the players our…

  • Donald Byrd – trumpet, flugelhorn, electric trumpet, vocals ….Allen Curtis Barnes – flute, oboe, saxophone
  • Roger Glenn – saxophone, flute  Fonce Mizell – trumpet, vocals  …Larry Mizell – vocals


Netsky ‘2’ Album (Toren Megamix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out this megamix of Netsky‘s 2 album (out now) …done up by Toren.

check out the playlist…..

1. “Love Has Gone”   2. “The Whistle Song” (featuring Dynamite MC)  3. “Wanna Die For You” (featuring Diane Charlemagne)
4. “Come Alive”   5. “Give & Take”  6. “Get Away From Here” (featuring Selah Sue)

7. “911”   8. “Squad Up” (featuring Jimmy Jams)  9. “Jetlag Funk”   10. “Puppy”

11. “When Darkness Falls” (featuring Bridgette Amofah)  12. “Detonate”

13. “No Beginning”    14. “Drawing Straws”


Curtis Fuller & Slide Hampton -“Fuss Budget”

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out Curtis Fuller here lately..checked him out as a sideman on many projects..this is from his  Two Bones album ….featuring Slide Hampton…two trombone players….check this cut called Fuss Budget

…sounds like my household budget..being fussed over….or maybe Congress or Senate working on the budget….but I digress…

…anyway…the players are Curtis Fuller (trombone)….Slide Hampton (trombone)

Sonny Clark (piano)…one of my favorites ….George Tucker (bass) and  Charlie Pership (drums)

Just Trying To Maintain Mix PT. 1

Sunday Jazz Continues….starting it off with one of my jazz / funk / hip hop / breakbeat mixes …a little something about trying to maintain…a little something with spiritual overtones..relevant for today / Sunday…you can check this mix out at The Sonic Assault.……and .check out part two here..

Visual Paradox – The Power Of Sound

Digital Crate Digging Continues….off the chain / off the charts with this…literally…

…long Memorial Day Weekend is upon us…so I’m posting up old, new, jazz, hip hop, funk,drum and bass, house and other forms of music

…will also include a set for all the musical “soldiers” that are no longer with us….at the moment I’m in a house/ drum and bass, techno, dubstep type of mood

…check out Visual Paradox aka DJ Bog (Bog Marian) an Israeli DJ,producer,musician,sound engineer….etc,etc,etc….as he demonstrates the power of sound.. Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Visual Paradox – The Power Of Sound.