There’s Always Something / The Relocation

It’s going down like that pop song by Naked Eyes; there’s always something there to remind me.

Some were living just enough for the city per Stevie;  but the bright lights didn’t blind me.

Check out what I’m giving;  these insights provided by me are straight off the clearance rack.

I’m dropping this breakbeat science like Edward Snowden or some damn Wikileaks;  any clearance given for that?

If your living for that?   there’s always something!!  the mothership streaks across the universe as next level business gets handled.

Meanwhile the Emperor was left naked;  he was jacked for his new clothes plus the Jordan 23’s  as karmic business gets handled.

During the pursuit of the babe that was cute soldiers from Fort Knox get jacked over in the Beecher Terrace Projects up in Louisville;  part of their learning process?

During the pursuit of fast bucks?  fates are gambled; some will get played during the process.

Haz-Mat suits are rocked by Ebola first responders unless you had the clipboard; duct tape enchanced the suits like drug dealers getting robbed!!

What’s happening man? ISIS loots Kobane? naw mane!! as I type this bombs get dropped!!

What’s happening man? we didn’t rock like Kurt Cobain but O-Dizzle hip hopped and jazzed it up!!

Plus funk is dropped; it’s our response to the madness!! there’s always something!! check out the relocation! we continue this breakbeat scientific vocation because this world is messed up!!


They Didn’t Know What To Do

The saga / struggle continues;  it’s like renewed drama in Iraq!! some folk didn’t know what to do!!

They were already out here paying the price;  damn!!  what else did they want from you?

Clark Howard mentioned price gouging!!  now corporate CEOs are lounging with proceeds offshore.

Dwight Howard or Tim Duncan posted up down low!!  but these point guards are going off!!  check the score.

Dwight Howard and James Harden were going off on their own but will there be repercussions?

Did Dwight Howard and James Harden scare Chris Bosh away!! the last hour will get ugly; some won’t know what to do!! O-Deezy brought out the percussions!!

Oh!! I heard the discussions!!  fighting a coward?  check the door for the smash and grab!!  in the ATL?  they’ll roll up in a white church van.

It was stolen from the neighborhood Baptist church down the street from the neighborhood liquor store;  so what’s up man?

Whatcha knowing? some understand  it’s down the street from the greasy chicken spot.

Whatcha knowing? cholesterol is now high!!  leading to heart attacks and strokes !! some jokers will flip like it’s the Gaza Strip!! is it part of the scheme or plot?

Word from Edward Snowden protected by the Russians? it’ll get the best of y’all!!  now some don’t know what to do.

Like the Ukraine gaffled by Russians the apparatus is stressing y’all!!  damn !! what did they want from you?

The Exit Strategy

Here we go again…caught in a moment of time…trying to develop an exit strategy…

Here we go again…the mothership is gassed up…funky sounds blasted up in that piece!! so you know thought and fashion police will “holla at me”.

…As the dude gets scientific the apparatus will throw a dollar at me..thinking everything will be alll good…

Check this veteran in the game..I’ve been here for a minute coaching …I was aware of the deliberate falsehood..

Soaking up game while marinating ..seeing how it all works..seeing how it all hurts…I spotted the collateral damage…

Cloak and dagger in the game..secrets revealed like Edward Snowden..meanwhile we drop this breakbeat science…doing damage..

Avoided a joker with the dagger per O-Jays Backstabbers..we keep doing what we do..we manage to slide through the portal…

Avoiding a joker trying trying to suspend us like FIFA did Nigeria..some contribute to the confusion / mass hysteria..that’s how the sport will go…

Some saw us go for broke…last year it was West Coasting …this year Seaboarding…dipping down I-95 from Jacksonville to Charleston…

Stopping in Savannah for a minute..some want to holla at Paula Deen’s spot where the N-Words fly..they’re full of jive…didn’t know the real deal…who’s trying to start one?

She did..she moved..started her on network…others can’t get work..or they’ll get 10 years like Ray Nagin

Meanwhile we moved on to the next…check the exit strategy in a sport that’s complex..that’ll work…slow learners were asking..whatcha saying?

Clearance Rack Epiphanies; Another Deep Discount


Check out these clearance rack epiphanies…the sale is on…check out the deep discount..

Once again it’s on…we’re back…trying to deal with these..during the ongoing championship fight?  some thought we were out for the count…

Jokers were whistleblowing aka snitching ..per Edward Snowden the wet and dry method was used!! damn!! I had to get scientific in response to the ongoing madness..

No whistle blowing like Too Short mentioned…the sport is complex…mentioned on one of my other blogs…The Sonic we deal with the madness..

Check these clearance rack epiphanies..back with these after hell was caught…but  insights were gained..

Damn!! I was trying to be incognito / incognegro but the OJT aka on the job training was ongoing..but at the end of the day I maintained..

Damn! Richie Incognito types tried to flex!! some were even joking like Sid Caesar..but its no joke..the Bible said pay Caesar what you owe him..

No deep discount given!! unlike these clearance rack O-Dizzle will  drop this breakbeat science..some will act like they know him…

Count Dracula types want blood, souls, spirits, auras…the reign began with a drizzle..but more than the East Coast will feel the storm…

As we get back with was hard to see in the smoke and mirrors..plans fizzle..thought and fashion police flex..others brag and boast…but conditions aren’t the norm…

Oh no!! they’re not the norm per Carmelo Anthony staying in New York ..advised by Jim Boeheim to move on..

Oh no!! they’re not the norm…but its all good..check these clearance rack epiphanies…while O-Dog will get his groove on..


New and Improved Methods? Please!! Life Is Hectic!!

Breakbeat science is dropped at one of my other blogs…

…..Random Thoughts From A Brotha: New and Improved Methods? Please!! Life Is Hectic!!.

Clearance Rack Epiphanies / Class Is In Session

Whats the deal with these?  we’re not like retailers supplying information to authorities...check the spending habits…for some its the back to school period;  class is in session!

Check these clearance rack epiphanies…were real with these!! its balanced out with the sonic aggression!

…we let the Lord run his business…no interference with divine intervention;  diplomatic immunity is invoked!

Whats the deal with this?  as we deal with the Deliberate Falsehood;  whose acting false in the hood or community?  the hero choked!

….In the midst of so many falsehoods I carry a sword of truth...while ghetto passes were revoked for some!

Down for the cause!!  its gotta be good!!!  now English and beats are broken; O-Dizzle had to bring out the drum!

Whats the dizzle?  some will get whats coming to them!!! especially when these epiphanies are put on the clearance rack!

Whats the dizzle?  thought and fashion police peep game like the NSA per Edward Snowden ..any clearance for that?

Whats the dizzle? please!!  the reign began with a drizzle…mentioned in previous episodes…

Whats the dizzle? please!! were dropping this like the Perseid Meteor Shower… its off tune off beat singing in the shower..check the modes…

…..of transportation…or transformation…as we move forward like Israel with 1,200 new settlement homes….whats up Holmes? we rolling  with a fresh view fresh vision…

Clearance rack epiphanies are dropped..check the deep discount…around this back to school  period…but class is already in session…

Clearance Rack Epiphanies / The End Of Summer Sale

Check out these clearance rack epiphanies..whats the deal with these? …its  just in time for the end of summer sale!

Any clearance given? please!! some will make it happen like Benghazi jailbreaks...but some  can’t make it happen…they’re waiting in the dark…some will fail…

Any clearance given? please!!  in Egypt pro-Morsi protesters find out the system is not fail safe…others were like Eric Snowden in Russia getting open..some will fail!

Any clearance given? none needed for NSA surveillance…who knows what the deal is? whose understanding? a Bradley Manning type will run and tell…

Any interference ? please !! from Sanford Florida to the Fruitvale Station you should be able to tell what it do!

I continue to steer this mothership to some safe haven / safe harbor / fruitful situation;  trying to act like I knew!

The service desk hands merchandise back to you;  they had a no return policy!

At your service with this!!  based on what was learned…..check out the clearance rack epiphany!

The good word is dropped!! I had a whole sack full;   but not trying to act a fool…rocking backpacks like Boston Bombers!

No modified crockpots!! but accidentally stepped on crack pipes on Glenwood Rd in Decatur;  plus dude try to tell me where the bomb herb was!

… the revenge of the nerds is in progress ; check the Deliberate Falsehood ….from Wall Street to your street Gus and Herb were handling business!

Meanwhile we went on a binge……splurging…check out these clearance rack epiphanies to find out what the deal is!