The Propositions – Africana

Sunday Jazz Continues as a Sunday afternoon transitions into Sunday evening! we’re still putting work in, still achieving!

The saga / struggle continues, even on the Sabbath, but there’s spiritual significance in this operation!! we’ve got a lot of work to do! don’t get us wrong we’re still believing!

We’re trying to stay positive but sometime it seems like we’re out here floating down a river of darkness.

When light is spotted? damn! its like an oasis in the desert but it’s just smoke and mirrors.

My mind on a trip like the Boy George track remixed by Teddy Riley? you might have caught me out there in a maze of moods, is it part of this?

We’re dazed by these proceedings! will it lead to Edgar Allen Poe the Raven nevermore hours?

Trails are blazed in the midst of the ongoing madness, check out this byproduct of some serious crate digging as we drop this jazz funk from The Propositions with a track called Africana!! 

Brotha O? always amazed by these rare grooves, it’s nor rare for us to make these moves!! check out the players and the track!! this is what’s up with a brotha!

Alto Saxophone – Manning “Zazz Zoo” Saulsey

Bass, Leader [Bandleader] – Clarence “Buster Bass” Bennett

Bongos, Congas – Frank “Wild Man” Hawkins

Drums – Jerome “Stix” Williams

Guitar – Mark “Jimy Hendrix Jr.” Justice

Piano, Organ – Charles “Charlie Keys” Lee

Producer, Arranged By – Milt Harris, Prepco

Tenor Saxophone – Larry “Sugga Bear” Allen, Reginald “Lemon Juice” Lemmons

Trombone – Michael “Slide Bone” Weeks


What Will The Style Be? Part Six

Another Monday morning has pulled up on us; now on this Monday afternoon we’re trying to see what the style will be!

We’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta, but per doing the knowledge we realized that on local / national / international and intergalactic fronts is where the foul will be! 

What will the style be? some are alone in the void / grey area supposedly with peace being still like the Rev. James Cleveland gospel song / motionless. Caught up in the system / matrix in a zone, out there in a purple haze like Hendrix.

What will the style be? the Edgar Allen Poe raven’s breath was felt after he said nevermore.

What will the style be? foul, once again!! misbehaving like a usual mockingbird, he already knew the score.

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You Don’t Know? You’d Better Find Out! (Part Two)

O-Zone mentioned previously that it’s rough out here, what? you don’t know?

Monday morning? we’re back in the heart of this thing a step ahead of those drama bringing, y’all should know how it go!

If not? you’d better find out about the what / when / where or how! check the situation!

From India where Covid-19 is spreading to Minneapolis and Chicago it’s on and popping!

Some want to slow down the information, delaying the Public Transportation / Transformation!

You don’t know? you’d better find out or get caught up in the system / matrix by the instigation!

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Safe Havens / Safe Harbors (Part Four)

Safe havens / safe harbors get attacked like Trump abandoning the Kurds in Turkey; words from a jive turkey weren’t justification..

Misbehaving!! hatred? some harbor!! rebuked by beats that bump and these good words; dropping mathematics, any sanctification?

Misbehaving? deliver us from evil was the prayer!! beyond the pay grade of Uber / Lyft / Amazon drivers; FedEx – ing it?   going postal when they serve this and that? the simple made complex?

Misbehaving / the deal with us?  chilling out in the safe haven / safe harbor; the “player player’ style vacated?  soon back on the scene like Zion Williamson as we come with the next.

The dizzle? it is what it is?  rebuking shady dealing like the Joshua Brown killing?  not a damn thing has changed!! still hated by the system.

The drizzle turns into a full blown storm, check the reign…but it’s not strange; so  how your feeling?

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