History In The Making

The story is unfolding as we speak;  or actually as I write this.

Like the Ebola outbreak history is being made;  some missed it due to waiting in the dark!!  spot me where light is.

Like Juarez Cartel leader Vicente Carrillo Fuentes aka El Viceroy being captured history is being made;  as we continue to fight this spiritual warfare.

Rest in peace to Thomas Earl Duncan;  taken out due to the biological warfare.

No justice no peace out there!!  the funky drumming by O-Dog  is the rebuttal.

Some will get whats coming to them; I spotted  armchair quarterbacks  in the huddle.

Like Michael Beasley playing ball in China some of these players look befuddled;  they didn’t look at the big picture.

They couldn’t see history in the making because jokers were faking  plus cutting up like at the Palin family brawl after they drunk the elixir.

Funk is in the mixture plus good word is in the scripture;  history is in the making.

I tried to fix it but I see everybody ain’t able;  they believed the fable told by jokers who were faking.

Now we’re breaking beats and English to deal with the pain and anguish!! making  history in the process

Breaking north or cutting the corner after seeing how the game is; but breakbeat studies are still conducted; it’s all a process…

Get It Together

What it do? we need to get it right per the Michael Brown shooting!!  we need to get it together.

If not?  check out the results!! like Hurricane Cristobal if it  hits  land  we’re caught out in the inclement weather.

Haters say whatever!!  they continue to do what they do!! drinking Cristal and dancing with the stars!! but they didn’t  really have it like that!!  meanwhile Ebola is running rampant but they weren’t worried about the repercussions.

Now check the debatable circumstances;  are they being built or torn down?  check the sound!  O-Dog had the percussions.

We let you know what it do per these discussions;  those snitching or whistleblowing? they  need to STFU!

We ask you;  what it do?  who left the gate open? damn!!  they need to shut the front door!

….then they should lock the back one;  we’re back son!!  and we’re here to put it down like this

Were just trying to get it together;  somebody has to fight this.

We’re where the light is!!  but some are fascinated by the dark!!  they’re heard saying My!! My!! My!! like Johnny Gill ;

How will we respond?  why ask why?? to even worry about that would be ill!!!

We’re Chilling Out!!  trying to get it together;  we’re not worried about them!!  they should worry about us!!

Chilling out!! Still Waters Run Deep per the Four Tops but there are no ice bucket challenges during a drought!!  but O-Dizzle drops funk, jazz and he hip hops!! but like  that old school preacher once said; only the devil is opposed to us!