Dimitri From Paris – Souvenir De Paris

Sunday Jazz Continues, check these menus; this is out first episode of 2021…

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on aka toil and strife goes on..

But it’s a blessing to be here toil and strife in all; but these jokers will add on layers of chaos / confusion / disenfranchisement..

Jokers will try to steal elections like Trump threatening Georgia¬†plus we’re dealing with the Georgia Senate Runoff; check the latest media campaign advertisement..

The pursuit of the prize will get ugly, somebody already asked me how I’ll play it?¬†

I told them in 2021 I’m laying in the cut not playing around with the corrupt; what more can I say about it?

Especially since we’re still dealing with this Covid 19, it’s still on the scene per Dr Anthony Fauci even though Trump is in denial..

But your dude is still chilling, on vacation even though the Holiday Season is over!! my mind’s in Paris listening to Dimitri From Paris with Souvenir De Paris; this is what it do..