Earl Klugh / The Rainmaker

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out Earl Klugh  with this epic track called The Rainmaker …this is off of his album Crazy For You 

Check out the players and the track….

Acoustic Guitar [Acoustic Nylon String Guitars] – Earl Klugh  / Bass – Gary King Drums – Brian Brake Electric Guitar – Hiram Bullock Electric Piano – Onaje Allan Gumbs Percussion – Manola Badrena*, Sammy Figueroa



Its Like This and That / Letting It Do What It Do!!

Its like this and like that and a…whatcha know? as banks have their credit downgraded….I was told to recognize the pattern! 

Letting it do what it do…Intergalactic like Midnight Star’s Planetary Invasion!! rocking the world with science from Pluto, Mars and Saturn! 

…Plus Venus in Transit ….whats up with it? please!! were circulating..its time for transition! 

Devious ones had their gambit… they plotted and schemed; crimies were on a mission! 

Takeovers were hostile!!  fake ones claimed they had a hot style …but they make a negative impression!

Some were like Julian Assange..seeking asylum in Ecuador..but we knew the score…breaks are over; its time to put work in…letting it do what it do.. breakbeat science is dropped!! class is session! check out the rest of this article at Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Its Like This and That / Letting It Do What It Do!!.