Peace On Earth and Good Will Towards Man?

Peace On Earth and Good Will Towards Man?.


Peace on earth and good will towards man; the message from the pontiff at the Vatican!

Spoken on this past Easter and other holidays; whats it all worth? times are hard on the boulevard!! its hard out here for a black man.

…..And a white man; brown man….yellow man…please… its rough all over!!

Sho you right man!! word from Barry White!!! as I listen to Yellowman….as I mellow out man!! forgetting what Dr Phil told me to get over!

Heard the Ohio Players singing its all over!! told home girl to put that suitcase down!!! she’s not leaving town; they wanted her around!

…..But she dipped; ┬ánow the Chi-Lites ask have you seen her? dude got played like a clown!

Meanwhile O-Zone enlightens the masses; O-Dog played the sound..check the podcast….its our response to all of this!

…….Check the steady bombardment; as we assault all of this!