Inside Jokers (Part Five)

On this Fabulous Friday where it’s a blessing to be here? like a rapid unscheduled disassembly those inside jokers thought they broke us, I heard the laughter but nothing was funny!

Like Fox News vs Dominion or even the Pillow Guy Mike Lindell they’ll find out it’s all about the money!

A lot of inside jokers took a toke off of this and that yesterday per 4-20 but we were busy enhancing lab techniques from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

Local,  national,  international and intergalactic are sets where we drop these mathematics! per this Flashback Friday we’re reminded that we’ve been doing this!! it’s a big world  / universe somebody will understand a brotha..

..out here telling his own inside joke where lions, tigers and dreams are in this fabled poetry..

..along with sharks and piranhas in the waters; there was nowhere to hide for some but all the creatures know me!

Plus the moonless sky didn’t lie, it had a story to tell along with the Solar Eclipse in Aries so I did the math.

Naysayers ask what tune is this? is this poem an illogical lullaby? they ask me is this a joke  / was I on the wrong path? 

Inside jokers were everywhere, damn! the Wagner Group in Sudan?  was I dealing with the wrong staff?  its all about freedom but my oldest complaint was still ignored!

The arch nemesis is on the premises it’s still here on the prowl with that Draymond Green or even James Harden flagrant style even though points were scored!

The joke was not on us! before hope diminishes I  guess I’ll gather the ashes of my silence one more time!

Rekindled the fire, the smooth silent seduction didn’t work! digital crate digging continues as the sounds are turned up plus I’m shouting one more time!


The Mothership Gets Good Mileage (Part Seven)

The mothership gets good mileage per this HumpDay Extravaganza, catch us reading the room not feeding into the doom we did the basic mathematics!

Mystic voyages are taken, a treasure hunt? for forbidden pleasures others pull a stunt! typical behavior for fanatics!

Not acting erratic when searching for hidden treasures, please!!  that’ll mess the vibe up!

Static? oh, it was mentioned by James Brown and Full Force,  they emphasized “don’t start none won’t be none” but during this discourse we’re trying to lift the tribe up!

The mothership gets good mileage, we’re all the way live up in this piece but some had a polar vortex style with a cool demeanor like winter’s deep freeze!

Another gets bewildered like another James Brown song just trying to stay strong after finding out the sport is complex per dealing with this Solar Eclipse in Aries saying “life ain’t fair” per dealing with that and these / dealing with spring’s mood swings.

The mothership gets good mileage after the “lights blinking on the instrument panel”  issue was resolved now cruising through these treacherous waters full of sharks and piranhas! for some there’s  nowhere to run or hide soon drowning in an ocean of chaos and confusion.

Others prepared themselves for the task at hand rocking scuba gear taking secret breaths while underwater, not going under / losing!

Those choosing to take this assignment per Mission Impossible ran into situations that aren’t logical as hypnotic serenades had us all running into the void!

Our mothership gets good mileage plus we has a different vision but who’s for us or against us? many are  distracted by the exotic / erotic but also neurotic it’s hard to avoid. 

Another gets caught up in the system  / matrix and can’t take it, the reason for the increase in gun violence? some became psychotic filled with paranoia spirits broken. 

The enemy rocked it, of course they hustle knocked it like Jim Jordan up in New York or Draymond Green with the stomp! damn! some even have the nerve to offer a peace token.

Is There A Doctor In The House? (Part Six)

Writing this on a Sunday morning, while sheltering in place due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic..

It’s an Easter Sunday, churches will have to step up their technology game, it’s all game / academic..

We’ll have to play it this way for the next thirty days, no NBA playoffs with  Draymond Green dirty plays? no batter up on the baseball diamond?

We’ll have to pray about this thing, due to society’s dirty ways!! spiritual playoffs per good vs evil? quarantining / social distancing / staying at home, blood on the homes per Exodus 12 :13?

….on over to Exodus 12 :23, somebody might feel me!! I even  heard  them asking, Is There A Doctor In The House?

Knowing what the deal is!! Dr Fauci and Dr Birx blocked form CNN by Mike Pence? shady dealing / hustle knocking “all up in the house” ?

Check the rest of this article out at Is There A Doctor In The House? (Part Six)

Yukihiro Fukutomi feat. Lady Alma – Peace (Dimitri From Paris’ ‘Backtrackin’ Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! The Friday Night Fever is underway, moving full steam ahead..

The saga / struggle continues, Flashback Friday type of business conducted? oh yes!! we’ve got that Friday Feeling, not rolling on a fool’s team!!  caught out there like Jamal Khashoggi, soon the Saudis will have you dead?

They’re rolling like Draymond Green vs Kevin Durant!!  notorious  like Wo Fat out in Hawaii, why did they start with me?

Observing the scene, soon we’ll pull up on it!! it’s going down like that and like this!!! check this version of the O-Dog Day Party!!

Actually, this is the Friday evening edition but this sound is appropriate for anytime!! listening to Yukihiro Fukutomi feat. Lady Alma with a track called Peace (Dimitri From Paris‘ ‘Backtrackin’ Remix)

Setting this Friday Night Fever off just right!! it’s going down from Tokyo to Paris and backtracking to here in Atlanta as we continue to get breakbeat scientific!!