Space Traveling [Lo-Fi / Jazz Hop / Chill Mix]

Sunday Jazz Continues, the smooth sounds of jazz are on these menus; help yourself!!

This good word salad is part of the meal, my constituents know the deal; I was told to go on with my bad self!!

Back in the day? the advice was Pops was watch yourself / watch your mouth / watch your tone; like Jussie Smollett you’ll get so far out there you can’t get home..

Back in the way? naw, cousin we’re rolling in our own lane rocking the baldy no need for rogaine on the dome…

What’s really going on? of course that’s the name of this blog as we negotiate the smoke / mirrors / fog;  a dude was out there,  able to get pictures of the Ultima Thule asteroid..

What’s really going on? of course your dude O-Dog is still cruising down I-20 in Atlanta aka the launching pad to the universe, listening to Space Traveling [Lo-Fi / Jazz Hop / Chill Mix]  courtesy of  The Jazz Hop Cafe; check the playlist and let the good music play!! it’s the ultimate way to fill the void…

01 00:06 ibrahim – encounter with a mech patrol unit

02 03:48 luvbird – omoide in my garden

03 05:50 s. lyre – skylight

04 07:44 /KXLD. – A Cigarette, To Past Time (Ft. mie)

05 10:16 Sky.High – Inner Thoughts

06 12:26 ibrahim – in search of splintered memories

07 15:46 imfinenow – Another World

08 17:40 GentleBeatz & W00ds – Dreams

09 19:56 Tune In With Chewie – City Lights

10 21:12 Pneumoniker – Coffee Cups In My Room

11 23:08 fcj – go home club

12 24:18 Dragon Roots – Jet Streams

13 27:30 wh?t – Learning

14 30:00 Logic Levls – Do It 2Day

15 32:24 JayDottCee – Sky Garden

16 34:56 nohone – wandering in the rain

17 37:58 A June & J Beat – Sing My Blews [Instrumental]

18 40:38 fcj – lost