Ernie Watts ‎– Valdez In The Country

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we’re checking out some of this jazz / funk from   Ernie Watts ‎– with his version of Valdez In The Country composed By  Donny Hathaway. Check out the all star players and the track!!

Phil Upchurch ‎– Crosstown Traffic

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out Phil Upchurch ‎– with his version of the Jimi Hendrix cut Crosstown Traffic.  This is off the Upchurch album from 1969. Check out the players and the track..


Earth Wind & Fire – Everything Is Everything

Digital Crate Digging Continues….checking out some early Earth Wind & Fire with their version of Donny Hathaway‘s  Everything Is Everything

This is from their second album The Need Of Love. Check out the players and the track…

Bass — Verdine A. White
Drums, Percussion, Kalimba, Vocals — Maurice White
Guitar, Harmonica — Michael Beal
Percussion, Congas — Yackov Ben Israel
Piano, Electric Piano, Vocals — Don Whitehead
Producer — Joe Wissert
Tenor Saxophone — Chet Washington*
Trombone — Alex Thomas*
Vocals — Sherry Scott, Wade Flemons

The Green Button

I’m ready to start this thing up!!  like France In Mali….what will the style be?  I was told to push the green button!

I had to laugh!! the mothership has landed…I had this the funk..but earthlings were told to go green after being gluttons!

Others were gluttons for punishment like Republicans vs Chuck Hagel..but that’s how they work things…soon victims of circumstances!

Others hit switches, turned dials, and pushed buttons;  but soon they’re in debatable circumstances!

Being built or torn down?  a joker gets played like a clown after dances with the devil;  soon going under!

Not in Australia..the coping strategy will fail ya!!  bets were placed..the bookies will ask you;  over or under?

Mass hysteria is like Syria!!  somebody find the green button so we can reset things!

Dashboards are checked..whats the stats? as I get real with ya!! I  had to put

Wu-Tang Clan - Sentrum Scene 2010
Wu-Tang Clan – Sentrum Scene 2010 (Photo credit: NRK P3)

it on default settings!

We clash with board of directors in so many sectors!! from Wall Street to  Louisville to the ATL!

Cash ruled everything around me per the Wu Tang Clan …some are caught under the spell!

Everything is everything per Donny Hathaway!! that’s what a joker said….  meanwhile I’m trying to find the green button!

Trying to make a difference with this breakbeat me it means something!