You Don’t Quit / You Don’t Stop!! (Part Two)

It’s going down on this Fabulous Friday! it’s a blessing to be here, you don’t quit and you don’t stop!

Flashback Friday? past episodes should have reminded you how far you’ve come, a byproduct of when you didn’t quit / stop! 

I even had to remind myself / encourage myself like the gospel song by Donald Lawrence and the Tri-City Singers; my conduct? you were the best of me, encouragement I wrote on the pad.

Don’t get me wrong; like I discussed with my homie from Bombay India it’s rough out here, things could be better but I worked it all out / gave it all I had.

Staying strong with supreme courage and maximum strength! once nervous but I relaxed, utilized wisdom.

The Louisville old school Baptist preacher’s advice from back in the day? the devil will oppose but God is in the blessing business so just keep living. 

Check this out at You Don’t Quit / You Don’t Stop!! (Part Two)


Play On Player PT.6 (Fact and Fiction)

Spotted big homie; he was rolling like Aaron Hernandez before it all fell apart!! he was told to Play On Player!!  damn!! I see he’s still pimping…

Old school macaroni in a Caddie Fleetwood Brougham or Caddle Eldorado like Superfly?  not on the injured reserve list like Kevin Durant, but he’s still limping..

How was he rolling? who’ll understand it? a  fool for a tenderoni like Bobby Brown?  The New Edition one..

Not Downtown Bobby Brown from Dog The Bounty Hunter trying to catch bail jumpers!!  that’s a different one..

I’m in Downtown Atlanta; dude rode by in a Ford F-150, but no blue collar $15 per hour work is done!!  it’s going down another way..

It’s not the type that’s done!! so!!  like,  how were they trying to play?

*Shady Like Grady* shifty;  told to play on player so they’re supposedly hustling!!  they said it’s about a dollar!! they’ll  go on a spending spree like the European Central Bank!!

Homie said he was the man; had contraband and controlled substances for sale; peers encouraged him to play on player!! it’s them he’ll have to thank…

He tried to sail on like The Commodores; trying to enlarge his territory like Donald Lawrence or like ISIS in Ramadi Iraq?

Homie was trying to hold it down in this conference!! play on player was the encouragement from his constituents plus he played it  like Donald Lawrence he encouraged himself; told himself he would rock!!

Where did they find a bro? I told you he was rolling up in the Ford F-150; old school!!  spotted wearing Nautica polo, jeans and Nautica cologne….

But it’s over like David Letterman’s final Late Show;  clientele started running off at the mouth or pirates attack like the Nautica , it was for being in the wrong zone..